SV University, Tirupati Scholarship 2021-22 for PG Courses

SV University, Tirupati offered Several Scholarships to support and encourage students pursuing Post Graduate Courses.

SV Scholarship Scheme Details:

University Name: Sri Venkateswara University (SVU)

Location: Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh


List of SV University Scholarships:

I. SV University Welfare Scholarship:

  • State social welfare scholarships for BC and EPP merit-cum-income basis.
  • Government of India social welfare scholarships for SC and ST scholarships.
  • The Scholarship for children of ex-servicemen.
  • Scholarship for children of deceased servants of the government.
  • Scholarship for children of political sufferers.
  • The Scholarship for physically handicapped scholarships for widows.

II. SV University Merit Scholarship:

  • State Merit Scholarships.
  • National Merit Scholarships.
  • General Merit (Andhra area), Merit-Cum-Income Basis.
  • Special State Merit Scholarships.
  • National Science Talent Search Scheme Scholarships.
  • Government of India Hindi Scholarships for Hindi Students Whose Mother Tongue is not Hindi.

III. SV University Endowment Scholarship:

A. First-Year Students:

  • Sri Vidyaprakash Scholarship – First-year P.G. merit-cum-income basis.
  • N. Balarami Reddy Scholarship – In University College / Affiliated College in the first year M.A/ M.E. by rotation, all-around character merit-cum-income basis.
  • Sri Akkineni Nageshware Rao Scholarship – First year, Arts and Science students based on Merit-cum-income basis.
  • R.G. Rathi Memorial Scholar – First Year, M.Com./ Merit-cum-income basis.
  • T.A. Purushotham Merit Scholarship – First year, M.A. Philosophy or M.Sc. Psychology Merit-cum-income basis.
  • The Psychology Study Circle Scholarship – First year, Psychology Merit-cum-income basis.
  • Sri Kotta Suryanarayana Scholarship – First year, M.A. Telugu and Philosophy Merit-cum-income basis.
  • Syndicate Bank Golden Jubilee Scholarship in M.Com – First year, M.Com. Students based on highest marks.
  • Jatle Yellarayya and Ambammal Scholarship – M.Com.
  • Prof. Damodaram Memorial Scholarship – P.G. Student in Tamil or Research Scholarship in Tamil (with preference to P.G. Students).
  • D.M. Pearson Bursary Memorial Scholarship – Home Science first year highest aggregate marks among three branches.
  • S.Ramachandra Rao Merit Scholarship – First-year M.Sc. Physics Merit-cum-income basis.
  • Prof.Philomena Rayappa Reddy Scholarship – M.Sc. Home Science.

B. Final Year Students:

  • Rashtra Sanskrit Samsthan Merit Scholarship – For Students and Research Scholars in Sanskrit.
  • Smt. Radhabai Madhava Rao Patnakar Scholarship – For Sanskrit Students.
  • Dr. M.Varadarajan Memorial Scholarship – M.A. (Tamil) Students.
  • Sri D.V.G. Rama Rao Scholarship – outgoing Student, Merit, Character, and contribution to the community life.
  • Dr. K. Suryanarayana Murthy Memorial Scholarship – Final year, MSc. Chemistry, Specializing in Physical Chemistry based on Merit-cum-income basis.
  • Prof. K. Neelakantam Scholarship – Final year M.Sc Chemistry, highest marks in the first year.
  • Smt. Anasuya and Lakshmi Venkateswara Scholarship (2) – Final year, M.A. / M.Sc. all-around character, hard work, and commendable qualities.

IV. SV University Special Scholarship:

A. For women only:

  • Sri S. Govindarajulu Scholarship – First-year P.G. Merit-cum-income basis.
  • Smt. Thapi Annapurnamma Scholarship – First year M.A. Telugu highest marks in the qualifying examination.

B. For Harijan Students only:

  • Damodaram Sanjeevaiah Scholarship – First rank in M.A. Telugu/M.Sc. Mathematics.

C. For Chittor District Native:

  • Chitoor District Co-op. Marketing – First-year M.Sc Chemistry, Grade-I, and II Merit-cum-income basis

D. For Sports:

  • Ten Sports merit scholarships of cash prizes each of Rs. 500/-

SV University

Eligibility Criteria:

  • To receive any scholarship a student has to put in compulsorily 75% of attendance. University endowment scholarship will be sanctioned by university authorities as per the eligibility conditions laid down.
  • Scholarships by the government, research organizations, and other agencies will be awarded as per the rules stipulated by them.
  • Submission of application for a scholarship does not guarantee the award of scholarship. The University is only a forwarding authority. It is in no way responsible for the award or otherwise of the scholarship.

A. Rules and Regulations Stipulated by the Government for the award of SC scholarship include:

  1. Scholarship holders under this scheme shall not hold any other scholarship. The students can exercise his/her option for either of the two scholarships, whichever is beneficial to them, and should inform the District Social Welfare (General) Camp Office, Tirupati through the Head of the institution about the option mode. No scholarship will be paid to the students under this scheme from the date he or she accepts another scholarship.
  2. A scholarship awarded may be canceled if the scholar changes the subject of the course of study for which the scholarship was originally awarded or changes the institution of study without prior approval. The Head of the Institution is requested to stop forthwith the payment of the scholarship money. The amount already paid may also be recovered.
  3. A scholarship is liable to refund the scholarship amount if, during the period for which the scholarship has been awarded, he or she discontinues his or her studies
  4. If a candidate is found to have obtained a scholarship by false statements, his or her scholarship amount paid will be recovered. The students concerned will be black-listed and debarred for scholarship in any scheme forever.
  5. The sanction of the scholarship shall be subject to the condition that the holder puts in a minimum attendance of 75%.
  6. If any candidate puts in less than 75% attendance for valid reasons like falling sick or due to certain unavoidable reasons, he or she shall be paid a scholarship in proportion to attendance.
  7. The scholarship is dependent on the satisfactory progress and conduct of the scholar. If it is reported by the Head of the Institution at any time during the academic year that a scholar has because of his or her act or default, failure to make satisfactory progress or has been guilty of misconduct, such as resorting to participation in strikes, irregularity in attendance without the permission of the authorities concerned, etc., the District Social Welfare (General) Camp office, Tirupati may either cancel his or her scholarship or stop or withhold further payment for such a period as he may think fit.
  8. The head of the Institution should get all the conditions fulfilled before the payment of the scholarship is made.

B. Government of Andhra Pradesh Post-Metric Scholarship for students who belong to Economically Poor person Category:

  1. Candidates, who after passing one stage of P.G. education are not eligible for a scholarship when they join for another P.G. Course studying in a different subject, e.g. M.A., in one subject after M.A., in another subject, will not be eligible,
  2. Candidates, who after having completed their educational career in the professional line continue professional studies in a different line, e.g. B.L. after B.Ed. will not be eligible.,
  3. Students, who are in full-time employment, will not be eligible. However, employed students who take leave without pay for the entire duration of the course and study as full-time students will be eligible.
  4. Only two children of the same parents are eligible for this scholarship.
  5. A Scholarship holder under this scheme will not be eligible for any other Scholarship.
  6. 6. While considering the application for the award of scholarship, priority will be given to fresh students to various courses in University Colleges/P.G Centre.
  7. The Scholarship is liable to be terminated if the scholarship holder violates any of the rules and regulations of the University or misbehaves in the college or the hostel, including the dining hall, and the parent/guardian of such students shall be informed about the cancellation.
  8. Payment of residential scholarship in respect of all categories of students is subject to the condition that they put in a minimum attendance of 75% in the college in each term. If any candidate outs in less than 75% attendance for valid reasons like falling sick or due to certain unavoidable reasons, he or she shall be paid a scholarship in proportion to attendance. Those who absent themselves without valid reasons and put in less than 75% attendance will not be paid any scholarship.
  9. For renewal of scholarship, the students should have been promoted to the next year’s class of the same course.

Special Note for SV University, Tirupati Scholarship:

Sanction of the scholarship shall not be automatic and so many mess facilities will not be extended without payments of monthly mess bills in anticipation of sanction of scholarship by the Government.

The students shall be given mess facilities only on payment of mess charges every month and caution deposit and prescribed fee at the time of admission till their scholarships are sanctioned.

The residential scholarships are tenable for ten months in a year. In a case where the academic year is affected or postponed due to student disturbances, the students shall have to bear the mess charges incurred on that account, i.e. during the period of strike, themselves.

The residential scholarship shall be sanctioned from the date of admission into the hostel or from the date of commencement of regular classes whichever is later and not from the date of admission into the course.

SV University Fellowships/Scholarship for Research Scholars:

A. Fellowships:

Research Fellowships (Junior and Senior) and Young Scientist Awards for research Scholars are offered in all disciplines by the following agencies.

  1. University Grants Commissions (U.G.C)
  2. Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (C.S.I.R)
  3. Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India (DAE)
  4. The Indian Council of Medical Research (I.C.M.R.)
  5. Space Research Organization (I.S.R.O.)
  6. Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR)
  7. The Indian Council of Philosophical Research (I.C.P.R)
  8. Indian Council of Historical Research (I.C.H.R)
  9. Council of Social Science Research (I.C.S.S.R)
  10. Department of Science and Technology (DST)
  11. Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO)
  12. Board of Research in Nuclear Science (BRNS)
    Research scholarships for research in Sanskrit are offered by Rashtriya Sanskrit Samsthan.

Fellowships from Indo-China and South Pacific Studies:

In the Centre for Studies on Indo-Chine and South Pacific Studies, three Junior Fellowships and one Senior Fellowship are available for research on topics relating to the States of Indo-China.

B. Endowment Scholarships

1. Mary Clarke Memorial Bursary for Ph.D. Research Scholar in the Dept. of Home Science

Eligibility and Conditions to receive SV University Scholarships:

  1. To receive any scholarship, the student has to put in compulsorily 75% of attendance. The maximum leave will not exceed the number of days stipulated by the funding agencies which sanction the scholarships.
  2. Scholarships will be awarded as per the rules of the awarding Agencies. Hence applying for any scholarship shall not be claimed by the student as a right to get it. Submission of the application for a scholarship does not guarantee the award of the scholarship. The University will not responsible for the award of scholarship.
  3. It is binding on the part of the different scholarship holders like SC/ST/LBC/EPP etc., to fulfill all the conditions stipulated by the Government/ awarding agencies concerned.
    Some of the rules and regulations stipulated by the Central Government about SC Scholarship holders and by the Andhra Pradesh Government concerning EPP Scholarship holders are furnished for the guidance of students.

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