6 Best Jobs Where Women Can Earn More Than a Men

Best Jobs for Women

Auditing: It is true that women are good money managers than men. Women in auditing sectors earn 13 percent more than men. Females have more ability of negotiation than that of men. They are responsible for the management of financial area in an organization. Average salary of a female auditor against male auditor is about 61,114 dollars.

Real Estate: Beauty pays off in any market and so does in real estate. Who doesn’t like to go around with a female real estate agent? People hire female agents more compared to male agents.

Retailer: Because of the good sense of selection female buyers that buy for retailers earn more than men. The average salary of a female in this business is 63,848 dollars that is 108 percent more than that of a male.

Councilors: Councilors include behavioral therapists, career councilors, psychologists and health technicians that psychologically support people. It is one of the best ways of earning for women. The average pay of a female councilor is 855 dollars whereas male councilor earns 833 dollars on a weekly base.

Teacher Assistant: As the name suggest teacher assistants are there to help teachers. They help teachers in various works like class instruction, marking student assignments and providing support for students. They don’t work in pre schools, community centers or child care institute. A female teacher assistant earns about 474 dollars whereas male teacher assistant earns 453 dollars in a week.

Cook: In India women feel happy by baking for their family. You cannot doubt on the fact that women are better bakers than men and they earn more than men. A woman baker earns 466 dollars weekly on an average whereas a male earns only 448 dollars.

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