Animals are Reclaiming City Streets as Human Stay Indoors in Lockdown

Wild animals are breaking cover to explore the world’s most densely populated areas left deserted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Animals are roaming freely on city streets as millions stay indoors during lockdown.

A one year old puma prowls the streets of Santiago Chile
1 Year Old Puma Prowls the Streets of Santiago, Chile
A herd of spotted deer wander down a road near Tirupati in Indias Andhra Pradesh region.
A herd of Deer Wander Down a Road Near Tirupati, in AP (India)
Mountain goats roam the streets of Llandudno Wales.
Mountain Goats Roam the Streets of Llandudno Wales
Wild boar were also seen roaming the streets of Paris.
Wild Boar Were Also Seen Roaming the Streets of Paris
While Bergamo in northern Italy is one of the countrys worst affected areas this wild boar took her piglets out for a wander.
Wild Boar Took Her Piglets out for a wander in Northern Italy
Turtles in Odisha
100s of Olive Ridley Turtles Litter the Shoreline in Odisha, India
Deer in London
A Herd of Deer Decided to Rest in a Housing Estate in Harold Hill Romford, London
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