Top 7 Upcoming Smart Cities in India

Here is the list of the top up-coming Futuristic Smart City in India.

7. Dream City: Gujrat

smart cities in gujarat

Also known as Diamond Research Mercantile City.

–  The main objective of the city is to provide all the basic facilities for the international diamond business. The “Surat Diamond Bourse” building is a very important part of the city and the city will have the center for global diamond business.

The city will be constructed in Surat.

– The Dream City will be 3 km away from Surat airport and have its metro.

–  Total area of the city is 2000 acres. in which

  • 21% area for commercial purpose
  • 43% area for residentials
  • 14% area for recreation purpose
  • 22% area for transportation

–  The city will be fully modern and connected with Wi-Fi Everywhere. Along with this, the city will fully function on E-Banking and the city is ranked 7 in the list of best smart cities in India.


6. Khed City: Maharashtra

smart cities in India

With the Joint venture of Kalyani Group and Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation, The construction of the city will take place.

The city will mainly focus on Telecom and Health sector, The gas and electricity will be underground.
– The city is connected through all the transport systems.

The total area of the city will be 4200 sq. km
and it is divided into 3 parts:

    • Domestic Tariff area
    • Special Economic Zone
    • Re- Settlement zone

Many Global Companies will set up their manufacturing plants few are included

  • Volkswagens
  • Mars international
  • Tata Motors
  • Jsw steel
  • Linn Hoff Technologies
  • Alco Steel Pvt. Ltd.
  • Kalyani Techno

– The city is located at the intersection of the Western Ghats and the Deccan Plateau. Along with the city transport services, it will also be connected to the Pune-Nashik railway corridor.


5. Gift City: Gujrat

smart city project in india

It is being constructed in the district of Gandhinagar, near the Sabarmati river.

– The plan was made during 2007 global submit in Gujarat. The full name of the city is “Gujrat international Finance Tech City”

The total area of the city is 3.99 sq. km in which

  • 67% land for commercial purpose
  • 22% land for residential purpose
  • 11% land for social facilities

The city will be the International Financial Trade Center. It will fully function under the govt of Gujrat, and more than 200 companies are present in the city including the following:

  1.  Oracle
  2.  TCS
  3. bank of America
  4.  SBI
  5. LIC
  6. STPI

For the development, more than 10,500 cr has been invested.

– The city is connected with 4-6 lane State highways, National highways, railways, airports, and in the future, the city will have its metro. It is 12 km away from SVP International Airport

– The city is under the final face and it will be fully operational till 2023.


4. Naya Raipur Smart City: Chhattisgarh

india best smart city

The city is constructed under the Raipur District. Also known as “Atal Nagar”

It has been a dream project, the construction is taken place on National Highways 30 and 53

– The city is 17 km away from Raipur in the southeast direction and 8 km away from the Vivekananda Airport

– It will be constructed under 237.42 sq. km.
in which

  • 47% area for public facilities
  •  33% area govt and education
  • 30 % are for business and commercial area

The city will focus mainly on Education & Health and it will be an Educational hub of Chhattisgarh.

–  This smart city will provide 24/7 electricity, water supply, Smart lights, cable network, and waste management. For the development of the city, 100 km of four and six-lane roads have been constructed.


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  • To connect to the railway the new railways’ tracks will be constructed
  • The development of the city is under the Naya Raipur development authority. For the growth of the city 40 villages have been included.
  • This smart city in the future will become the commercial and industrial city of Chhattisgarh
  • Under the plan of authorities till 2030 more than 5,6000 people will be residents of the city and 2.2 lack jobs will be generated.


3. Yeida City: Up

Yeida city

After the burden on the cities like Noida and Greater Noida, Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority is going make a new city which will be named “Yeida city”

– The city is constructed under the Gautham Budh District

– This city is being constructed under 247.39 sq. km 
in which

    • 19% area for residentials
    • 26% area for commercial purpose
    • 22% area for green coverage purpose
    •  23% for public facilities

Under the Gotham Budh district 29 villages will be converted to smart villages and for this 8 cr. will be spent per village

–  In the future, Yeida city will become India’s biggest smartphone manufacture city because from the total smartphone manufacturing, approx. 30% of manufacture will be done in Yeida city.

– Many smartphone companies like Oppo, Vivo, Lava, Intex, and Samsung approach the authority for making manufacturing units in the city.

–  Along with that automobile manufacturing, food processing, textile manufacturing, aircraft maintenance, and many logistics hubs will be created.

– Yeida city will be 28 km away from JP International Airport. For the development, the city will be connected with every form of transport.

– With Yeida city master plan till 2030 approx. 35 lacks people will become residents of the city and the city rank 3 in the list of best smart cities in India.


2. Naina Smart City: Maharashtra

top 10 smart city in india

– The city is constructed under the Raigarh District

– The main objective of this city is to divert the population from Mumbai and the plan was announced in the year 2013 and in the year 2014 development plan of the city was made ready.

– This smart city is constructed 25 km away from the new Mumbai international airport

    •  The area of the e city is 600 sq. km
      in which 270 villages and 6 districts are included

–  The cost for the development of the city is nearly 2,10,000 cr
The development is under the guidance of Cidco co-operation

– Under the master plan of the city within 30 years 80 lacks people will be residents of the city

– For the development of the city the new Mumbai airport, Mumbai trans harbor sea- link
and magnet trains like projects are in progress. It has been ranked 2 in the list of the best smart cities in India.


1. Dholera Smart City: Gujrat

dholera smart city India

Also knowns as Dholara Special Investment Region(SIR).

–  The city is constructed under the Ahmedabad District. It will be 100 km away from Ahmedabad and 130 km away from Gandhi Nagar

  • The area of the city will be 920 sq. km

Many big companies all over the globe have shown interest in the city few are included,

    • Wistron
    • Pegatron
    • Posco
    • Hyundai Steel

– The city will witness the world-class infrastructure in which Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Heavy Engineering, Food Processing, and other manufacturing plants will be set up, Everything in the city will be connected with wireless sensors.

– Under this smart city project 22 villages were included and it is the first Delhi- Mumbai industrial corridor investment region.

– It is integrated with multi-model transport systems, along with this Gujrat trade center and global business hub will be constructed.

– The transport includes Ahmedabad- Dhulera Expressway, Metro, Dhulera International Airport, and also new rail tracks.

– In the future, Dhulera city will be the biggest smart city and along with that, it will be an industrial and commercial city.
– According to the Dhulera master plan by 2030 more than 8 lacks jobs will be offered and 2.5 million people will be residents of the city.

– For the Growth of the city 38,476 cr. will be spent till 2030 and the city is ranked 1st  in the list of best smart cities in India.

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