Apply SERB Distinguished Fellowship – Eligibility, Grant, Objective

The Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), the Department of Science and Technology, and the government of India invite applications for SERB distinguished fellowship.

An active senior scientist who has shown outstanding performance in the research field and is passionate about continuing their scientific research is invited to apply for the SERB Distinguished Fellowship award.

This fellowship is especially to encourage and provide financial support to those senior scientists who find it difficult to continue their research because of financial limitations, and those who are forced to stop their research against their will.

One of the most important criteria that will decide the fate of their applications will be the amount of knowledge they have gained over the years and the experience they have gathered with their previous studies.

Primarily, their knowledge and research expertise will be the most important treasure to help them win the fellowship. Eligible scientists who have received recognition for their research work from national and international scientific bodies.

SERB has introduced the ‘Distinguished SERB Fellowship Award” intending to facilitate eminent scientists and support the research process of researchers who are performing and active in their research work.

SERB Distinguished Fellow

SERB Fellowship Details:

Organization: Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB)

Scholarship Name: SERB Distinguished Fellowship


Number of Fellowships: 20 (Twenty)

What is the Objective of this Fellowship?

The main objective is to provide financial aid to the superannuated senior scientists working actively in the field and support the research work of those who are actively participating in R&D activities and passionate about research even after their retirement.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The nominee must be an active Indian resident scientist who has been associated with an affiliated Indian institute/laboratory/university.
  • For this fellowship, the nominee must have a proven track record of excellent contribution in their field of research and have produced at least one or more research outputs in areas of technology, mathematics, science, and engineering in the last 10 years.
  • The nominee must have previously received recognition for the work they have done. They shall have received recognition from national or international scientific bodies, for example, getting membership in any prestigious national or international academies.
  • Because this fellowship is especially for retired scientists, it is mandatory that the nominee is required to hold any functions and administrative roles and shall not be receipt of salary or any other fellowship.

Research Grant Amount:

A research grant of Rs. 5 lakhs per annum will be granted to the selected applicants. The Fellowship amount of Rs. 60,000 per month will be sanctioned to the selected fellow.

This award will be given initially for 3 years and then it can be extended for another 2 years, depending on the satisfactory performance of the researcher.

Fellowship Amount Rs.60,000/- pm
Research Grant Rs.5.00 Lakhs pa

Who Can Nominate?

Scientists who do not have an administrative or other position but are still active after retirement might submit their nomination papers to a host institute where they want to work.

In addition to the Head of the Host Institute/endorsement, University’s the nomination papers should include a thorough bio of the nominee, as well as a list of publications and other achievements over the previous five years.

The Presidents who have worked or are working in any of the national science academies, Vice Chancellors of recognized Universities, Directors of National laboratories, and the members of the Engineering and Science Research Board can nominate.

The final decision will be made by the selection committee which will carefully study each application and select the candidates based on the contributions they have made in their research field.

Visit Here for SERB Fellowship Guidelines

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