Pranavayu Urban Forest Park at Gajularamaram, Hyderabad

Pranavayu Urban Forest Park

Prana Vayu Urban Forest Park, formerly vacant property in Gajularamaram, has been transformed into a lovely theme park.

In recent years, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has done an excellent job building parks.

At Gajularamaram in Hyderabad, a lovely Prana Vayu Urban Forest Park will soon be open to the public. It is surrounded by lush flora and spread over a huge land of 142 acres.

The park was built at Rs 16 crore by the GHMC (Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation).  The park offers a variety of entertainment for both children and adults.

Pranavayu Forest Park

The entry arch and compound wall with animal representations, as well as visual elements such as gazebos, a water pond, a water cascade, and animal mimics at various locations, make the theme park fascinating and unique from others.

As soon as the visitor enters the theme park, a pathway with beautiful flora on both sides begins to showcase. The animal drawings on the compound wall give the enormous complex a classic touch. The sprawling institution is a visual pleasure for tourists from the moment they enter until they leave.

Pranavayu Urban Forest Park Hyderabad

A nursery, a watchtower, restrooms, monitoring, and sitting arrangements provide for an exciting visit, Facilities were also provided for having picnic parties, while an exclusive location is set up for Vana Bhojanam (forest meal).

The site is further enhanced with gazebos with wooden doors and artwork on the stones on either side. Meanwhile, the park’s children’s play area features slides, wooden bridges with slides, worm-shaped tunnels, seating arrangements, and a swing, as well as an alphabet-themed barrier.

Pranavayu Urban Hyderabad


Entry Ticket Price: 

Weekly Closing Day:

Address Location: GCMC+95Q, Gajularamaram, Hyderabad, Telangana 500055

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3 Responses to “Pranavayu Urban Forest Park at Gajularamaram, Hyderabad

  • Neha bhandari
    3 months ago

    What are the timings? And is it own on 31st Aug?

  • Hello Deepthi it’s free…nd no timings u can visit it by 10 to 6 in morning hours

  • Deepti Arora
    2 years ago

    Hello Sir
    Can I know the timings and tickets price and contact no

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