Thrill City Hyderabad: Timing, Entry Ticket and Location

There are numerous water and amusement parks in Hyderabad, but there is a brand new hangout that combines fun, thrill, and larger-than-life experiences with cutting-edge technology.

‘Thrill City,’ a one-of-a-kind entertainment park opened at Necklace road. Thrill City offers a splash coaster, flying simulator, cricket simulator, bowling alley, bumper cars, magic train, gym, and swimming pool, as well as world-class gaming and amusement facilities for all ages.

Visitors can also enjoy a variety of specialties at the food stalls, while children can enjoy specialized play areas as well as a VR gaming zone with a variety of video games.

Thrill City, located near Sanjeeviah Park, is the city’s first virtual reality amusement park, spanning two acres and featuring over 50 games for all ages. Since its opening in September, the park has attracted significant visitors by providing a comprehensive gaming experience through the use of simulators.

The fly flight simulator, which uses a Cessna 172 aircraft, is the highlight of Thrill City. Typically, the aircraft is used to prepare pilots for their Commercial Pilot License (CPL). This is most likely the first time a Cessna 172 is offered to the general public.

Thrill City Park Hyderabad

Thrill City is a futuristic park that includes arcade games, a motion theatre, a Splash water ride, virtual reality games, and a food court. In the arcade, there’s an original Skoda where you may try out six various motions.

Splash Coaster, a water coaster where you can seat aboard a train that chugs through water, is a little further down. For those who are frightened of the actual thing, there is also a virtual reality rollercoaster. Don’t miss the Monster Theatre, where 3D visual and motion effects are used to play horror, thriller, and adventure films.

This location offers a variety of activities to keep you occupied. The majority of the games and simulations were created by them. The Monster Theatre is the finest of them all. It is the world’s largest 4DX motion cinema, designed and installed.

It can hold up to 104 people on a single platform, allowing them to literally feel the film. A dome theatre with 360-degree images is also available. In addition, there is an indoor badminton court and a cricket pitch. Other attractions to check out include the gym and a temperature-controlled swimming pool.

Hyderabad’s Futuristic Theme Park is NOW OPEN 11:00 am- 11:00 pm. Enjoy a FUNtastic Thrilling day with your friends & family because they have something for everyone.

What’s Inside Thrill City Hyderabad? Check Out the Video!

Entertainment Places in Thrill City:

  • Flight Simulator
  • 12d Theatre
  • Roller Coaster
  • Dome Theatre
  • Real Car Simulator
  • Real Bike simulation
  • Cricket
  • Jet Planes
  • Trobo Mascot
  • Forest Theme
  • Charminar Wall
  • Gym
  • Swimming Pool

Thrill City Packages

Ticket and Pricing:

Ticket Prices
Tickets Cost/Price Value Validity
Adult 999/- Rs.1500/- One Year
Kids 699/- Rs.1200/- One Year
Senior Citizens 699/- Rs.1200/- One Year
  • Food, Carnival Games, Futsal, Gym & Swimming Pool not included in the package.

They provide a smart card loaded with the redemption value as per the package you choose. Just tap to play & experience (every game/ride is of different value).

Discounts Options:

Students 10%
8 persons and more 10%

Thrill City Card Recharge

Recharge Price:

Package Price Credit Validity
1000 Recharge Rs.1,000 Rs.1,500 As per your pack
2000 Recharge Rs.2,000 Rs.3,500 As per your pack
5000 Recharge Rs.5,000 Rs.9,000 As per your pack

Thrilling Attractions:

Flight Simulator:

Thrill City Flight Simulator


Monster 12D Theatre:

Thrill City Hyderabad


Dome Theatre:

Thrill City

Car Simulator:

ThrillCity Hyderabad


Bike Simulator:



VR Roller Coaster:

VR Roller Coaster Thrill City

Bumping Cars:

Thrill City Timing


Forest Theme:

Thrill City Hyderabad Timing


Chocolate Room:

Thrill City Hyderabad Entry Ticket


Horse Carousel:

Thrill City Hyderabad Entry price

Pendulum Ride:

Thrill City Entry Ticket

Splash Coster:

Where is Thrill City


Kids Arcade:

Thrill City Necklace road


Soccer Ground:

Thrill City holiday

Swimming Pool:

Thrill City closing day


Splash Ship:

Thrill City week off



Hyderabad Thrill City


Charminar Art:

Thrill City Card Recharge


Thrill City Restaurant


Terms & Conditions:

Once you paid the amount it will not be refunded.
ID card needed.
For special occasion packages kindly contact the Thrill City manager.
Free entry for PWD and Infants of 2 years or below.
The amount balance on your card is not refundable or transferable.
You cannot bring outside food.
The card validity is 1 year.
The card can be recharged & reused.

Owner and Director Details:

  • Jyothi Prakashini Bollarapu
  • Paul Alankar Bollarapu

Contact Details:

  • Address: At Necklace Road, Beside Sanjiviah Park, Secunderabad, Hyd
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Call / Whatsapp: +91 7070456789

Thrill City Hyderabad – Timing:

  • Monday – Sunday 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Get the Direction from Google Maps: Thrill City Hyderabad

Thrill City Hyderabad Direction

Social Media Profiles of Thrill City:

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  • Can we use the card for all the rides or some rides are to be paid separately?

    • Neelam Patel
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      Hello Affy,
      You can use the card for all the rides if it has a sufficient balance.

  • Sunilkumar
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    Who much fee per day for mens

  • Sunilkumar
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    How much fee per day mensmens

  • its like the points right for each game how much points will be deducted can u explain

    • Worst experience. NTR gardens is 1000 times better than this. Waste of money, please don’t go. Huge money waste. High price for low quality entertainment. It’s just a play area for kids.

  • We need to pay the entry fee as well as get the mentioned recharge done per card and per person, correct?

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    Are all the rides mentioned above are included in the entry fee package??

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    How much fee per day per kid

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