Narsapur Urban Forest Park – Timing, Ticket Price, and Location

Narsapur Urban Forest Park is opened in recent years as a Telangana government initiative to turn a portion of the forest region into a tourist attraction in order to ‘save’ the reserved forest from deforestation and encroachment.

This forest area, which covers 30 square kilometers and includes the snake-shaped road near Narsapur village, is only 45 kilometers from Hyderabad.

Every path in the forest has something to see and explore, and the entire path is around 11 kilometers long and takes 4 to 5 hours to complete.

You can walk about the park and enjoy its natural beauty. The Narsapur forest’s vast size and lung space can be enjoyed and appreciated from the Watchtower.

Narsapur Urban forest park


Narsapur Urban Forest Park offers a variety of recreational opportunities in a beautiful green setting with a good environment. The park has a diverse range of flora and wildlife, and it has various natural rock formations and ponds, as well as several medicinal plants.

Enjoy a variety of butterfly and bird species, as well as play with naughty monkeys. Long Hikes and Trekking are suitable activities in the park, and the ideal time to visit is between October and February.

Narsapur Urban forest park

Narsapur Urban forest park

narsapur forest trek

Entry Timing:

Narsapur Urban Forest Park Timing Weekdays Timing
1 Tuesday 9:30am–5pm
2 Wednesday 9:30am–5pm
3 Thursday 9:30am–5pm
4 Friday 9:30am–5pm
5 Saturday 9:30am–5pm
6 Sunday 9:30am–5pm
7 Monday Closed

Watch Tower:

One of the best places in the park is the Watchtower. The stunning view from Watchtower makes the place more beautiful.

narsapur forest trek

Places to visit in Narsapur forest narsapur forest trek

Entry Ticket Price:

Ticket Details   For Price
1 Adult 20/-
2 Children 10/-
3 Monthly Pass 300/-
4 Yearly Pass 1500/-
5 Plastic Items 20/-

What to Remember:

    • There are no food or drink booths in the forest, so bring plenty of water bottles and snacks.
    • Wear sturdy footwear.
    • You may also bring binoculars to appreciate the natural beauty.
    • Beware of snakes.
    • The park is closed every Monday.


trekking narsapur forest

Narsapur Urban Forest Park road

narsapur forest lake

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