11 Brilliant Tips to Land your First IT Job

The results are out about a few weeks back and the HR and recruiters are busy in hiring the new line up of the staff. Companies are on the lookout for best candidates that fit in their requirement. Today the competition for best positions is at extreme. You need to stand out and show how capable you are. Here are some tips for you to get you first job.

How to Get an IT Job

1. Know what you are good at:

The very first step that you need to take for a job is to decide what you want to be, if you want to specialize in a certain segment, or if you want to be a generalist. Before you go for an interview be clear with what you are expecting from yourself to do.

Also learn about the different options of the career and be clear what will suite to your profile and talent. When you go for an interview express your interest to the interviewers. This will help you by making an impact over the management that you are ambitious and willing to pursue opportunities for advancement.

2. Get acquainted with the company profile:

When you apply for a position in a company always make yourself acquainted with the company profile. Search about the recent activities of the organization and when you go for an interview you should know what the company deals with.

You can also propose the hiring management something that they are lacking. This will make them realize that you are aware of the company profile and show your effort for the job.

3. Know or learn the right technical skills:

Always keep yourself updated. Update in terms of current happenings as well as the current technology. Make sure that you know the new technologies and the skills in trend. Learn the latest software that will help you to work efficiently.

You can also gain an experience in networking and technology based work before applying for any IT company. If you are specialized in the technologies, you will not face much difficulty in getting recruited in the job market.

4.”Soft” skills:

If you are good at technical jobs, it doesn’t mean that you will get hired by an IT company. You need to have some soft skills to enter a company where technical knowledge alone is not enough. Soft skills include interpersonal skills, effective communication, teamwork, leadership, and problem solving and negotiation skills.

Soft skills are nontechnical that makes you employable. Take up as many interviews as you can. For those who recently came out of the colleges it is more necessary to have a good attitude than to have experience.

5. Gain practical experience in your discipline:

Experience along with desirable attitude is a special benefit for the students who have completed their studies recently. IT companies usually restore some positions only for experienced graduates that you will get through an internship.

If you have not done an internship you might need a strong portfolio for yourself to standout as a unique personality. The best way to learn and prepare yourself for a job in IT sector is to get training in real-world set-up using the systems employed in the business world.

6. Showcase your work and knowledge:

It is not valuable if you do something and do not show it to the world. If you have done something related to the position you are applying for show it to the interviewers. Maintain blogs, prepare slides or YouTube videos related to the work you have done.

Highlights yourself on industry specific websites like LinkedIn profile as it is one of the popular forums for the companies to search a desirable employee and for the job seekers to demonstrate the knowledge and experience.

7. Find a mentor through Networking:

Whether you are working or searching for work, making contacts is always a good step. Never skip a chance to interact with the experts when you attend any meeting, seminar or conference. Develop contacts with your seniors and teachers during college.

Find a knowledgeable mentor. Your mentor can be a lecturer, professor, advisor and other students with experience in the field you want to work. Mentors are there to guide you, to inspire you and to bring up your confidence.

8. Participate in local industry events:

You should always seek to grab the chance to participate in competitions, fests and seminars that will allow you to show your talent. You can show you technical skills through the events.

Many companies keep watch on these events and see the true capability and talent of the student. Keep a track of such events and upload them on your blogs or websites. It will enhance your knowledge and you will get a chance to share your thoughts.

9. Style your resume to each position and avoid jargon and simply listing keywords:

Develop a resume including all your works in detail that you have done since from your college. Mention all details whether the project was your own or you were just a part of it. Don’t worry about the size or the scope of the project.

In your resume don’t use only the key words without description. Focus on the details that are related to the job for which you have applied.

10. Don’t just apply to the cool startup in Silicon Valley:

Don’t search for the job in a very small area. If you want a good job you have to come out of your comfort zone. You might have to work in the environment you don’t like. Learn to adjust yourself in any environment.

You need to look beyond technology industry as source of employment. Almost 50 percent of the jobs in IT sector are done by employees out of IT sectors.

11. Be realistic about salary:

Be realistic about your salary and don’t expect to get too much in the starting by looking at people in the same field. They might be earning more because they have more experience than you. The high range of wedges are for the people who have years of experience.

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