Top 10 Tips to Develop and Improve Negotiation Skills

The right mindset during a negotiation will certainly improve the closing percentage of every salesman. Even if you are an extraordinary salesman, remember to clean your slate and paint a picture of positive thoughts, conducive to a smart negotiation.

If you have to improve your status in life, then you have to improve your performance. Good performance is a product of the right mindset. Have the mindset of a champion… a champion salesman.

Tips to Develop Negotiation Skill

Tips # 1

Refuse to quit. Tell yourself – as long as I don’t quit, I don’t fail. Never quit in your mind. Keep reminding yourself that even if all the doors seem shut by the competition, a re-entry is still possible.

There must definitely be a way in. Let me reiterate that as long as you haven’t quit, you haven’t failed.

Tips # 2

Do not take any refusal from the prospect too personally. Understand that all rejections are professional rejections. They are refusing the product and rejecting the salesman in you, not ‘you the person’.

When a prospect rejects your business proposition, it doesn’t mean he is rejecting you.

Tips # 3

Do not carry any negative thoughts or feelings about your product. For example, if you feel that your product is actually very expensive, that’s exactly what you’ll transfer to your prospect subliminally.

Program yourself with the right thoughts and feelings about the product you are selling.

Tips # 4

During negotiations ‘fear of loss’ binds both the potential buyer and the salesman. Develop an intense ‘desire to gain’.

Load yourself with enough positive affirmations like I am walking away with this order’. ‘this case is mine’. ‘today is my day’. ‘Ill clinch a deal that’s fair to both the prospect and my organisation’.

I shall go back to my office with pride’. ‘I want the order today and I want it now’. Let the positive in you empower the defensive prospect.

Tips # 5

Right through the negotiation, respond; do not react. Irrespective of how the prospect provokes you, no matter how unfavourable the situation is, even if the case seems to be slipping, do not react.

Reactions make you desperate. They cloud your intelligence and make you lose your capacity to think. Never get provoked. Do not become a victim of circumstance.

Choose your response. Carry clarity in your mind, tranquility in your heart and a smile on your face. Do what you want to do, and not what you are provoked to do.

Tips # 6

Never become part of the prospect’s problem. As long as you stay emotionally detached from the prospect’s problem, you can be a solution to him and help him to overcome his problem.

Tips # 7

Throughout a negotiation, speak only virtues. People like it and it motivates them to be good, at least with you. Be good and you will magnetise more good.

Tips # 8

Right through the negotiation, listen to your prospect through your eyes. Not just through your ears. Keep looking into the eyes of the prospect. Eyes are much more empowering than the voice.

Tips # 9

Let your negotiation be driven by personal values and organisational policies. Rather than letting your moods and desperation guide you during a negotiation, allow your personal values and professional policies to govern the negotiation.

This will prevent you from being outsmarted by your prospect. Stand by your values and policies.

Tips # 10

Do everything in your capacity to create an impression in the prospect’s mind that he will neither lose money nor face by buying from you (Here I make an assumption that you are selling a genuine product that will be of help to the prospect).

Also let him understand that if he doesn’t buy from you, he would stand to lose the benefits that your products can offer him.

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