10 Best Paid Online Survey Jobs to Earn Money Online

Are you looking for a part-time job to earn some extra bread?  Try one of these paid online survey jobs.

They offer very simple survey tasks on which you can work from your home or any place, and you will only need to perform some paid online surveys.

You will get paid for each survey after its completion. In this way, you can spend your spare time making a good amount of money.

Each survey will add some money to your wallet. If you work for an hour in a day, then you can earn up to Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 10,000 per month.

You will only need to register yourself on these paid online survey sites and make your profile on the sites.

You will get a chance to do surveys according to your profile and get your money transferred to your bank account online. Do as many surveys as you can, and bring home extra money.

How will you make money?

It’s a simple process, many Multinational Companies or MNC’s wants to improve or sell their products. They will hire survey companies to perform surveys of their products.

You have to register on those Survey Companies websites by entering your name, address, and e-mail address.

Now, you need to log in to the website daily and regularly check for updates. After the completion of each survey, you will get money in the form of cash, reward, or gifts.

How do you register on the online website?

You will have to sign up on the website by filling the required details for getting an online survey job.

You will get hired on the basis of your profile and you need to perform paid online surveys according to your skills and interest.

You can become a member of online survey teams. For the completion of each survey, you can earn an amount of Rs. 100 to Rs. 1,500.

The duration of surveys depends on the respective companies’ guidelines. It can be for just 5 minutes or 30 minutes. All the survey takers get paid to give their time to take paid online surveys.

Why do companies want surveys?

Before launching their product into the market most of the companies prefer surveys to get an idea about the interests of their consumers. It can be a total risk for companies to launch a product in the market without any survey.

Companies provide several questions related to their product for performing surveys. This complete structure is known as Market Research.

Companies spend thousands of dollars on Market Research. It will help them in selling more and more products.

Thinking about the requirements for Online Survey Jobs?

A personal PC, or laptop or even a Smartphone with an internet connection and an online payment processor such as PayPal to get your payment.

Profile surveys which may include about the users lifestyle choices, career plans, education details, profession and more. By completing this will get a chance of taking more paid surveys. 

Paid Online Survey Jobs

Let’s have a look at 10 best Online Survey Jobs:

1. Swagbucks:

Swagbucks is one of the oldest and legitimate paying online survey providers available worldwide. Its panel countries are the USA, UK, India, Ireland, Canada, Australia.

You can earn “Swag Points” for each survey completion and you can redeem points as cash or gift vouchers.

Payment per survey is up to $5 via PayPal and currency will be convert in US dollars. Its payment will be either in the form of cash rewards or gift vouchers.

Apart from surveys, you can also earn money by shopping online, searching web and watching videos.

Visit: Swagbucks.com

2. ySense:

This is one of the best paid online survey websites. It allows you to make money by more than one way, which is, taking surveys; you can also complete several tasks & offers and can also promote its referral program for making money.

You can also share ySense with your friends and watch your earnings grow. You will earn up to 30% of what your referrals make.

You will get paid for trying new products and services, installing applications, signing up for websites, watching videos, and many more.

You may get paid by PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, or Reward Link India.

Visit: ySense.com

3. Chinch Bucks:

This is also an online survey website that pays rewards to its registered users for taking and doing many minor surveys & tasks. It is also established in India.

Registered users can easily make money by taking paid surveys, polls, and also by referring any of your friends.

This website will pay you up to $10 per survey. Payment will be in US dollars via cash rewards or gift vouchers.

The prizes will be delivered via PayPal. You can also earn more by referring your friend to their agenda and it will allow you to earn a total 10 percent of commission by every effort on the website.

Visit: Cinchbucks.com

4. YouGov:

This website focuses more on public topics and social concern subjects. YouGov surveys encompass the following issues like politics, public affairs, and commercial products.

This site gives you rewards in the form of money and lucky draw. The amount per survey is Rs. 95 – Rs. 285. The minimum reward money is Rs. 4,500.

Durations of surveys can be up to 30 minutes but are not often that frequent.

You will get Rs. 95 just for enrolling and if you bring your friends to also sign up then you can instantly get more cash and points.

This website’s topics are based on current affairs that are in the news and they motivate you to illustrate your beliefs. It is best for those who have huge viewpoints.

Visit: Yougov.com

5. Surveys2Cash:

This website has been around for over eight years. If you want high-quality knowledge into consumer goods, then signup Surveys2Cash and earn money online.

The good aspect is that you can also skip the surveys that you don’t find attractive and you can complete surveys of your own interests.

It will allow you to earn a minimum of 5 dollar per week. Payment will be in US dollars via PayPal.

Visit: Surveys2cash.com

6. Prize Rebel:

On this website, you can bring home money by taking paid surveys, winning offers from numerous organizations, and taking part in several contests.

Prizes will be in the form of cash or gift vouchers. Payment will be in US dollars via Paypal.

It’s simple to earn $150 to $200 per month if you work 15 minutes to 30 minutes on this website and complete surveys and proposals. You can earn additional money by suggesting PrizeRebel to others.

Visit: Prizerebel.com

7. Toluna:

This site contains one of the biggest survey committees with daily online paid surveys. It works on behalf of governing companies.

They want to know what you think about specific products, services, and topics. In return, you get paid for your reviews.

The rewards will be in the form of Pay Pal cash, Amazon, and gift vouchers.Minimum reward 27,000 for vouchers. You will need 500  to enroll lucky draws.

The amount per survey is 1,200 – 50,000 points. For every 80,000 points, you will get an Rs.1,425 gift voucher.

Visit: www.toluna.com

8. OnePoll

This was one of the first survey sites in the UK, and they’ve always got short and entertaining surveys. It also has several surveys on superstars.

The duration of surveys is around 3 minutes. You need to survey your account every day for surveys.

Rewards will be in the form of cash or gift vouchers. Payment will be in US dollars via Paypal.

Visit: www.onepoll.com

9. LifePoints:

This website is formed by merging two very popular survey sites MySurvey and GlobalTestMarket.

Rewards will be in the form of PayPal payments, Amazon, and gift vouchers. The average survey takes about 15 minutes to complete and gives you 100 points.

The amount per survey is Rs.95. You can make Rs. 285 – Rs. 475 per hour. Their surveys manage to match your profile and interests as a customer.

Visit: www.lifepointspanel.com

10. Valued Opinions:

Chance to win an Rs.950 voucher per hour. They are part of a huge market analysis institution. They offer paid online surveys to members according to their profiles.

The surveys they offers are usually very interesting. The duration of surveys can take from 10-30 minutes each.

The amount per survey is Rs. 95 to Rs. 475. The rewards will be in the form of gift vouchers.

They send surveys according to the member’s profile in order to make sure that members take part only in relevant surveys.

This is a very easy method to earn extra money in spare time. They all provide free registration onto their websites.

Easy to work from home and you only need to devote just a few hours in taking surveys.

There will be no commerce, no MLM, no selling, just minimal skill needed to take surveys.

Visit: www.valuedopinions.co.in

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