What is Software Development?

The software development process is a lot more complicated to do than talking about how it works. For us all uninitiated in the complex and intriguing world of software development, we can know the basic software development process activities or steps in easy-to-understand terminology.

The very first step in the software development process is requirements analysis. In this stage, the software engineer determines the need of a client and enumerates or itemizes each feature that the client may require.

Of course, a software engineer does this with the client in mind; he must include only those features that his client will understand. The overall outcome of the software must be ‘user friendly’ in its final stage. Every software feature that an engineer has listed will be put in mathematical terms in the Specification stage.

He will determine at this stage if his requirements analysis is feasible for coding. It is also in this stage that he determines whether or not he needs to trim down his features list and introduce the removed features on the next version of the software.

When a features list is put in mathematical terms, it is handed down to someone who will do the Software Architecture (3rd) or the abstract representation of the software system. It is in this stage that the software engineer determines the compatibility of the software to all types of operating systems.

When the architecture is ready, the Coding (Implementation, 3rd Stage) begins. The codes will undergo Testing (4th) and Documentation (5th), which will be the basis for Training and Support (6th). The software development process ends with Maintenance (7th) where engineers fix any bugs and enhance it to meet the latest operating system requirements.

What is Software Development Planning?

Software development planning can take some time if people are unclear about what they want to accomplish. There is a lot to think about when planning software development changes or modifications to existing computer programs. Software development planning includes planning for downtime and other problems that may occur.

This can be very easy or very difficult if the software development is not organized into stages. When a company decides to install new equipment or update other equipment, it will have to train employees, be prepared for lowered production times while the installation takes place, and also be prepared for any problems that may occur.

Software development planning involves knowing when changes will be taking place. This can cause confusion along the way. But if the stages are completed on time, software development planning can be very easy. Companies that are outsourcing will have to make long-term plans that will take into consideration the amount of time to train employees, find office space, and other details.

Software development planning should be done a year before the project begins so that most problems can be discussed and eliminated before the project actually begins.

Software planning may cost a company more money in the beginning, but in the end, it will cost the company much less than having to start all over again because of poor planning. Software development planning should be completed before beginning any new project that involves updating computer databases, computer systems, and other programs that can affect a company on a large scale.

This is why proper planning is needed in order to successfully complete a project that is this big. Every few years, companies are faced with updating their computer systems. Planning can make these updates much easier to install and use for everyone.

What are Software Development Systems?

Software development systems or processes are the standardized structure imposed by the leaders in software engineering on the development of software programs. These structures are strictly implemented in order to have a uniform software development system anywhere in the world.

Software development systems are a very technical matter. They require knowledge of software engineering to understand them fully. If you are, however, considering venturing into the web or software development business, you need to know the basics of software development systems even if you will not be involved in the development process. This way, you will be aware of your product’s stability and whether or not the process in which it was created meets the current standard.

There are three basic software development systems to consider. One is the Waterfall process, two is the Iterative Process, and three is the Formal Method. The best-known and oldest software development system is the Waterfall Process.

The waterfall model is called such because the manner in which the software development is executed can be likened to that of a waterfall: the eight (8) basic activity processes or steps are done from top to bottom like a falling waterfall.

These eight (8) basic processes or steps are (1) Requirement Analysis, (2) Specification, (3) Software Architecture, (4) Implementation (Coding), (5) Testing, (6) Documentation, (7) Software Training and Support, and (8) Maintenance.

In some software development systems, these eight (8) steps are done interchangeably and not 1 to 8 as is done with the waterfall model. Some software developers argue that the waterfall model, although the oldest process model there is, is still the most stable model around.

This is because following the process in its sequence helps in determining the problem or bugs early on (as early as the requirement analysis), before the actual coding and deployment of the software. Programmers found, through experience, that it is harder to fix a code (or insert fixes) when it is already in its finished stage than when it is still under development.

What is Software Development

What are Software Development Kits?

Software development kits were designed to help computer engineers and others create certain functions that are used in computer programs easily and quickly. Many kits also come with security information and programs that can be added to other computer programs that will help them remain safe from viruses and other threats.

In the age of international business, computer viruses are everywhere. Software development kits will also test to see how effective current security measures are and whether they can stand up to new viruses.

Some software development kits are easier to use than others. It is up to the engineer as to which kit they feel more comfortable using. Making sure to find a software kit that has everything a person will need to create a good computer program is essential.

Using an older kit may not help when programming software that will be used too far into the future. Since technology is changing quickly, having the latest software to help create other software that will include the latest information is what people are looking for. Computer software is not cheap many times, so consumers want to buy software that will be effective and will provide them with what they are looking for.

Software development kits are available online and in computer stores. If a person does not know what they are doing, but they want to create a computer program for themselves or others, they should hire a computer engineer who can complete the project.

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Software development kits cannot help novice computer programmers, they are used by those who already know how to write code and who understand which functions will need to be added and which ones will not need to be included. As computer software continues to change, it will become more complex. This is why kits were created. They can offer shortcuts and allow people to add functions quickly.

What is Software Development Training?

We all know that computers have become one of the most indispensable pieces of equipment in the lives of modern men. As the number of computer users increases, the need for various types of software products increases too; thus, the need for more software developers to come up with unique software products to satisfy the need of computer users.

For a few people who love math and algorithms, it would be wise for you to enroll yourself in software development training and be part of the booming IT business. We know that computer technology is here to stay, and by equipping yourself with programming knowledge through software development training, you have afforded yourself a lifetime’s worth of employment opportunities.

There are numerous IT schools where you can get software development training and a diploma. These software development training schools, of course, have pricey matriculation fees; however, having a diploma from these training schools will help you land on engineering jobs at fortune 500 corporations, fast.

If you are, however, short in the budget but want to undertake software development training, you can learn the basic to advanced programming lessons from online programming courses that are offered for a fee or for free.

Just browse and search around the Internet to find these e-schools. There are also books available on how to teach you to become a guru programmer. You will be amazed that a few gifted programmers, without any software development training from a reputable technology school, become respected software engineers through self-help programming books.

Large technology corporations open their doors to these few talented and gifted programmers. In fact, Bill Gates is a college dropout. He did not have formal training in programming and did software development during his high school days through his old IBM computer.

What is Software Development Services:

If you have a small or medium-sized business, would it be practical for you to seek for software development services for the ‘computerization’ or ‘automation’ of your office systems? There are lots of pre-made or ready-to-install software programs in the Internet, some priced cheaply, some not.

But if you want a reliable software system with some enhancements or that contains specifications that no readymade software can give, then it would be wise to look for software development services from a reliable developer.

You don’t need to hire a large company offering software development services. A freelance software engineer or software developer can do the job for you. Most of these developers were employees of top or fortune IT companies and just left their jobs to go on full-time as a freelancer. They are not less competitive as some may think; they know the procedure for the software development process from scratch to end.

The only thing you must do to know that you’ve got the best developer is to look for his portfolio; do not give too much emphasis on his education. Most of the best software developers are not even formally educated in prestigious IT schools. You will be amazed that they are just self-taught coders who are extremely gifted to understand the syntax and language of even the most obscure programming language. His portfolio will tell you whether or not he could actually do software development services for you.

The software development services that small to medium-sized businesses seek are (1) inter-office programs such as the payroll system, accounting system, id system, and human resources development filing system, or (2) client-side programs such as web-based intranet and content management system, or (3) project tracking programs such as a local and web-based intranet.

What is Software Development Tools?

A software product can be programmed with a simple notepad. Even if it uses the most complex programming language, a notepad can read the entire coding without a hitch. For speedy and more organized programming, there are wide arrays of software development tools that an engineer can buy and use.

Software development tools employ this, what is widely known as ‘user-friendly’ software for object-oriented languages. Whether you are developing software programs or products for the web or the desktop, there are software development tools available for these specific fields.

These software development tools give the developer a window for ‘hard coding,’ that is, coding with syntax and algorithms in the way he normally does with a notepad. The only difference is that with a software development tool, hard coding is done with color-coding capabilities, meaning if you have typed a wrong string or missed a string, the code or sets of code will change its color, telling you, the developer, that something has been encoded wrong. This helps software developers rectify the error even before the coding ends.

These software development tools also give the developer an alternative to developing the software with a simple click of the mouse. Instead of ‘hard coding,’ a software engineer can click pre-defined applications and objects on the software development tool and come up with a finished product. Of course, the developer still needs to debug his program by checking on the hard code after developing the software through the pre-defined applications and objects.

Because of these features, software development tools have become indispensable companions of engineers and developers. They have helped developers cut the development time to half, giving them enough time to edit and polish up their codes.

What is Software Development Offshore?

Many companies have taken advantage of software development offshore in an effort to save money and help increase international business. Companies that have taken advantage of this approach to business have saved money and are able to put the extra money into other development projects that will increase profits.

This is accomplished by being able to pay workers less money per hour, having access to more software development experts, and cutting other costs such as health care because many country’s companies are outsourcing work to have universal healthcare. Software development offshore also benefits countries that did not have enough jobs before companies started outsourcing work.

By not having to have as many employees, companies that participate in software development offshore will have to pay less each year. They will also not have to pay as much in taxes as many countries give companies tax breaks for offering jobs. Software development offshore has become very popular due to the reason mentioned above.

More and more companies are conducting business overseas which means that the international business place is shrinking. As more people are managing teams that live in other countries, more projects are being completed. This can benefit everyone who works for the company.

Software development offshore will continue as long as companies can make a profit and not have to spend too much money setting up new buildings and other places for people to work. Since the laws are different from country to country, many companies are saving money by outsourcing their software development offshore.

The biggest problem that is facing companies is the effectiveness of employees who do not speak the same language. This is particularly important for those who are in the customer service field. Not being able to communicate with others can cause companies to lose customers. Offshore development is effective in some fields, but not in others.

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