YUVA 2.0: PM Scheme for Mentoring Young Authors

Want to become a famous writer?

Join the Prime Minister’s Mentoring Yuva 2.0 program and you could get a platform, mentorship, and Rs.50,000 per month.

The Prime Minister’s YUVA 2.0 scheme will aid in the development of a stream of authors who can explore the past, present, and future sides of Indian democracy through their writing.

Additionally, the YUVA mentorship program would provide a space for aspirant youth to express themselves and offer a thorough understanding of Indian democratic values on both domestic and international platforms.

This Yuva mentorship program was designed with the idea that India in the 21st century needs to develop a new generation of writers who will serve as ambassadors for Indian literature. India needs to promote its literature on a worldwide scale given that it is 3rd in the world for book publication and has an abundance of native writing.

PM Yuva 2.0 Scheme

PM-YUVA Scheme Details:

Organization: Ministry of Education (MoE)

Scheme Name: YUVA 2.0 Mentoring Scheme

Official Website: https://innovateindia.mygov.in

Launched Date: 2nd October 2022

End Date: 30th November 2022

Age Limit: 30 Years

Scheme Proposal:

The Prime Minister YUVA 2.0 mentoring yojana has been introduced on October 2, 2022, in response to the first edition’s substantial effects, which included widespread involvement from young and aspiring writers in 22 Indian languages and English.

In line with the Prime Minister’s vision for Global Citizens, this proposal to mentor young writers up to the age of 30 is necessary to advance the nation’s reading, writing, and book cultures as well as to project India and Indian literature to the world.

Yuva 2.0 Scheme

2022 Yuva 2.0 Theme:

The 2022 YUVA 2.0 Theme is Democracy. The main objective of the scheme is to study the concept of democracy’s progress and trajectory in India under numerous subheadings, including the constitution, institutions, people, women, youth, events, religion, education, nationalism, constitutional values, and culture.


As the implementing agency, the National Book Trust of India will guarantee that the scheme is carried out under clear-cut stages of mentoring.

Selection Process:

  • A contest open to all of India will be held on the MyGov portal, and 75 authors will be chosen. https://mygov.in.
  • A committee that will be formed by NBT will make the selection.
  • The program was started on 02-10-2022 to 30-11-2022.
  • The applicants need to submit a 10,000 words book.

Yuva Scheme Synopsis

Yuva 2.0 Scheme Selection Process

Mentoring Scheme Guidelines:

PM Yuva Scheme Guidelines

Mentorship Schedule:

Yuva Scheme Mentorship Schedule

Disbursement of Scholarships:

Scholarships Disbursement

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