Free 20KL Drinking Water Supply Scheme in Hyderabad

Telangana State Government has decided to implement a free water supply of up to 20KL Per month to Consumers of Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board in Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation.

Accordingly, Government hereby issues the following guidelines for the implementation of 20 KL Free Water Supply per month to Domestic Consumers for implementation of the scheme by the Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board in the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation area as follows:

Who are eligible for this Free Water Scheme:

Domestic Slum Consumers:

• All domestic slum consumers of Hyderabad shall be given the “Zero Water Bill” with effect from December-2020 under the “20 KL Free Water Supply Scheme”.

• The domestic slum consumers need not be insisted on fixing individual water meters. The domestic slum consumption will be assessed through Slum Docket Water Meters.

Domestic Consumers (Individual):

• All domestic consumers shall get the water meters installed at their cost to avail “20 KL free water supply scheme”.

• The consumption as per meter readings up to 20 KL per month will be FREE and consumption above 20,000 liters will be charged as per the applicable tariff with effect from December 2020.

• The list of impanelled agencies should be made available on the HMWSSB official website.

Domestic Apartments (MSAC – Multi-Storied Apartment Complex) and Domestic Bulk Consumers:

• All domestic apartments (MSAC) and domestic bulk consumers shall get water meters installed at their cost to avail “20,000 free water supply scheme”.

• The consumption as per meter readings up to 20 KL per flat/ house per month will be FREE and consumption above 20KL will be charged as per the applicable tariff.

• HMWSSB shall indicate the parameters required for the water meters so that consumers are at liberty to get the same specifications installed at their cost.

Free Water Scheme Hyderabad

Aadhaar Card Linking Procedure:

Aadhaar Linking – If CAN (Consumer Account Number) holder has Aadhaar Card -CAN can be linked either through the HMWSSB website or by visiting the Meeseva center.

How to Link Your Aadhar Through Website?

• Visit Free Water Supply Register for Free Water supply – Consumer is given the option to make corrections in the spelling of their name and link the Aadhaar to their CAN. i. Check whether the name as per Aadhaar and CAN records match.

• If names match, they can proceed to link Aadhaar to CAN>Enter the CAN detail & Aadhaar Number of the CAN holder and enter the OTP sent to a registered mobile number in Aadhaar records for authentication.

• If the names do not match due to spelling differences, they can proceed with the correction of the name in CAN details in HMWSSB Database, to match the name of the Aadhaar Card. (This facility is only for correction in the CAN holder’s name but NOT for change into another person’s name).

• For enabling correction consumer shall visit the HMWSSB website and enter the number of the CAN, bill number of any of the latest 6 months’ bills issued, name as per the bill, and house number as per bill (Some personal information to ensure the authenticity of the CAN Holder).

• If the details entered validate to HMWSSB records, the consumer will be given the option to (a) enter the name as per their Aadhaar card & (b) enter his latest mobile number → Consumer is prompted for OTP authentication through entered mobile number.

• After name correction consumer can proceed to Aadhaar linking as said above.

How to Link Your Aadhar Through Meeseva?

• The CAN holder shall visit the nearest Mee-Seva center along with his/her Aadhaar number & latest water bill.

• Mee-Seva executive will verify the names as per CAN records and the Aadhaar Card copy brought by the CAN holder If the names match – Biometrics authentication will be done by the Meeseva center executive.

• For correction in the spelling of the existing name visit the HMWSSB website and follow the procedure as said above OR contact Customer Relationship Management Center (155313).

Aadhaar Linking – If CAN (Consumer Account Number) holder doesn’t have Aadhaar Card:

• The CAN holder has to apply for Aadhaar Card and obtain an Aadhaar Enrolment slip.

• To get free water benefits the CAN holder has to apply through the HMWSSB website by providing (a) a CAN Number; (b) Scan copy of the Aadhaar Enrolment slip and (c) Scan copy of any of the following documents, namely,

  • Bank or Post office Passbook with Photo
  • Permanent Account Number (PAN) Card
  • Passport
  • Ration Card
  • Voter Identity Card
  • MGNREGA Card
  • Kisan Photo Passbook
  • Driving License
  • A certificate of identity having a photo of such a person issued by a Gazetted Officer or a Tahsildar on official letterhead may be submitted as an alternative.

• Names in the Aadhaar enrolment slip CAN detail, and one of the above identity proofs are verified by a designated person and approved online.

For Multi-Storeyed Buildings/Domestic Bulk Connections:

The Association of the MSB/Gated Community/Colony shall pass a resolution authorizing the usage of the Aadhaar Card of one of its members, whose Aadhaar is not linked with the scheme for any other CAN.

Such an authorized person shall submit the resolution at Meeseva Centre while Aadhaar Authentication.

One Aadhaar – One Connection – In the case of one Aadhaar Holder having multiple connections, Aadhaar linking is permitted only to one connection, as chosen by the customer.

Billing Process:

• Bills will not be served until 31-03-2021.

• For CANs with functional meters as of 01-12-2020 and whose Aadhaar authentication is completed – From 01-04-2021 Free Water Rebate Bills will be issued, with effect from 01-12-2020, for all 4 months at once to all Domestic-Individual/MSB/Bulk consumers, average billing will be done based on readings.

• If consumption is beyond 20K Liters per month, the bill will be charged for such excess consumption. Zero water bills to domestic slum connections will also be issued from 01-04-2021, with effect from 01-12-2020.

• For CANS which fixed meters after 01-12-2020 AND whose Aadhaar authentication is completed – From 01-04 2021 Bills will be issued for all 4 months at once to all Domestic-Individual/MSB/ Bulk consumers.

• The Rebate will be effective from the date of fixing of a meter. For the previous period, i.e. from 01.12.2020 to the date of fixing of the meter, the bill will be issued as per existing tariff rates.

• For CANs that do not fix functional meters by 31-03-2021 AND Aadhaar authentication is NOT completed Rebate bills will not be issued and the CAN is charged as per the existing tariff with effect from 01-12-2020, without interest for 4 months up to 31-03-2021.

• However, the scheme will continue to be in force after 01.04.2021. The consumers can avail of a 20 KL free water rebate from the date they fix the functional meter and complete Aadhaar authentication.

• The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Center (155313) established at Head Office, Khairatabad can be called by Consumers for any assistance.

Note: This drinking water scheme is available only for residential connections, and not commercial connections.

HMWSSB Details:

Department Name: Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (HMWSSB)


Address: Office of the Managing Director, Administrative Building, Khairtabad, Hyderabad

Contact Phone Number: 040-23433933

Customer Care Number: 155313

Visit Here: Register for Free Water Supply
Visit Here: 20KL Free Water Supply Guidelines

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