How to Change Religion in India? Legal Process & Documents

Do you know how to change religion in India & how to obtain a religious certificate?

India is the largest democracy in the world and we Indians are always proud of this fact. Aren’t we?

We have always been proud of how Indians with so many languages and is a land of diverse culture brought together at one place from across the world.

As known, you have the complete freedom to follow any religion of your choice as an individual. Moreover, having the freedom to follow or be part of any religion of your choice is a fundamental human right, recognized by the Government.

India gives its citizens the complete right to change their religion or follow any religion under articles 15 and 25 respectively in the Constitution of India.

This fundamental right is granted to every citizen of India and the constitution also prevents discrimination towards any individual basis on religion.

There are many reasons a person changes their religion, let it be marriage or other personal reasons; you have all the freedom to do so. If there is no objection, you can practice your religion freely.

But you must remember that when you change your religion, you will have to update the same on all your legal documents to avoid any kind of future complications.

The change of religion must be in good faith, without any pressure as it is one of the fundamental rights in India. Every Indian has the right to practice, follow and promote their choice of religion freely.

You need to notify the Government Gazette of your choice to prevent inconvenience. Moreover, if you want to make things easier you have to obtain the ‘Religion Change Certificate’.

How to Change Religion in India

Required Documents for Religion Change Certificate:

There are specific documents required to obtain the religion change certificate in India. These essential documents are listed below:

For Gazette Notification:

  • Copy of Affidavit
  • Copy of newspaper advertisement
  • Self-attested recent passport-size photo
  • Copy of ID proof
  • A DVD that contains all the details about your application

For Religion Change Application:

  • Affidavit
  • Newspaper advertisement (Original Copy)
  • Conversion Certificate (Can obtain from your respective religious institution)
  • ID Proof: Passport, Aadhaar, PAN, Voter ID, or Driving License
  • Address Proof: Aadhaar, Ration Card, or Current Bill
  • Two passport-size photo
  • Application: An application form with all necessary information and 2 witnesses and declaration.

How to Obtain a Religion Change Certificate?

It is recommended to consult a lawyer to get all the procedures done in an easy way.

Step 1 – Affidavit:

First, you have to make a religion change affidavit. An affidavit is an essential and legal document made on stamp paper that contains all necessary information about an applicant.

Step 2 – Newspaper Ad:

The next step towards religious change you must give an ad in leading newspapers to assure there is no objection to changing your religion.

Step 3 – Gazette Notification:

After doing the above-given steps, you will have to publish the same in the Gazette as it must be accepted and considered in the Government record.

Once you file for the Gazette application and then the religion change will be successfully published in the e-Gazette.

If you have changed your name along with your religion, you must obtain the name change affidavit as well.

You can also reach out to a legal advisor or a lawyer who can help you as well as guide you in obtaining the religion certificate easily.

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