How to Play Flipkart Guess What Game?

Play Flipkart’s Guess What quiz game and get a chance to win exciting gifts, gift vouchers, and gems. Good Luck!

What is Flipkart Guess What Quiz Game?

Flipkart Guess What is a question & answers based quiz game where you can play and win exciting rewards and gift vouchers daily.

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Flipkart Guess What Quiz Answers

How to Play Flipkart Guess What Game?

Guess the Image: Use the given characters to form the word that represents the image.

Give it Your Best Shot: Submit the answer you think is correct in 20 seconds; there’s no penalty for incorrect answers.

Answers Quickly for Time Bonus: Submit answers as fast as you can to earn a higher time bonus for every correct answer, players with the highest scores win the game.

One Lifeline: Use the skip option once in a game to pass over a question; no time bonus will be awarded here.

Get Another Chance: Improve your best score by earning an extra chance to play.

Never Miss a Game: Get notified every time a new game goes live.

The More, the Merrier: Share the excitement with your friends.

Play today’s Flipkart guess what quiz question & answers contest and win amazing prizes and gift vouchers every day.

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