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biodiversity park Hyderabad

Biodiversity Park in Hyderabad was inaugurated During the 2012 Convention on Biological Diversity. Former Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh, inaugurated the park along with a memorial pylon.

From January 19, 2015, it has been open to the public at Gachibowli. The park was built at a cost of more than 2 crores rupees inside the Telangana State Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (TSIIC) layout. 

The Hyderabad Biodiversity Park is a 13-acre park containing trees from all over the world. It has been divided into four sections, with scientists from various UN countries planting over 200 different tree types.

Along with the Indian species of plants, the park has different species of plants from Indonesia, Germany, Greece, Egypt, Finland, France, Denmark, China, Fiji, Cuba, Canada, Brazil, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, and the list goes on.

Pylon Architecture at Biodiversity Park:

The pylon is a work of art that depicts life on Earth and its progression. There is an elliptical limestone structure composed of Etah Gold. A double helix depicting human DNA can be found at the top. 

At the bottom, five concentric rings reflect the five natural elements: Air, Earth, Fire, Water, and Ether.

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About the Rings:

  • The outermost ring, signified by 12 trees, is the Ring of Air. Then, along the ring, 12 pedestals add to the Biodiversity Park’s architecture. They represent the day’s 12 hours. The names of 193 countries are carved on polished Black granite on the stair skirting.
  • The Ring of Earth is an ambulatory walkway with an antique finish on black granite. The walkway is 6 feet wide, which corresponds to the average height of humans. And the route is inscribed with the names of all 191 species mentioned in the ‘Tree of Life’.
  • The Sun and its beams signify the third ring of fire. The representation’s base is built of black granite. Red granite and yellow limestone are used to depict the colors of fire, such as sun rays.
  • There is a water pond that surrounds the pylon that represents the fourth ring, Water. The structure is filled with water, which represents the ocean’s waters. And on the surface, black granite in the shape of continents floats. It is a representation of our planet that is free of political limits.
  • The Ring of Ether is a fan-like structure with two layers separated by space. Yellow limestone makes up the Upper Ether level, while stacked slabs of Black Granite make up the Lower Ether level.

Along with the ring, a mural wall is also a part of the architecture. The slope between the Rings of Fire and Water is formed by this tapering wall built of Etah Gold limestone. The three components of biodiversity are:

  • Species (Prani)
  • System (Prakruthi)
  • Structure (Prakruthi)

Biodiversity Park Pylon

What you can do in the park:

• Take a Walk: The Biodiversity Park is separated into four sections. Scientists from UN countries such as Australia, Bhutan, Egypt, and others planted 200 different types of trees in these green areas. Along with the tree, a descriptive board mentions the country, the scientific name, the significance, and other details. You can also take a stroll through the park. 

• Bird Viewing: Many birds can be found jumping around in the flowery shrubs and trees.

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• Admiring the Pylon: The architectural masterpiece is a 32-foot high creative depiction of life on Earth. It’s also regarded as a Hyderabad landmark, and you can wander along the route admiring the delicate detailing.

• Cycling: In addition to walking and observing the trees, many visitors come to Biodiversity Park to cycle. They take quick walks on the paths and ride their bikes around the pylon.

• Taking Photos: Another popular tourist activity in this area is photography. Photographs of the colorful shrubs and the elaborate embellishments on the commemorative pylon can be taken. 

Park Timings:

Monday 8 am–12 pm and 4–8 pm
Tuesday 8 am–12 pm and 4–8 pm
Wednesday 8 am–12 pm and 4–8 pm
Thursday 8 am–12 pm and 4–8 pm
Friday 8 am–12 pm and 4–8 pm
Saturday 8 am–12 pm and 4–8 pm
Sunday 8 am–12 pm and 4–8 pm

Details of Biodiversity Park Hyderabad:

Phone: 040 2323 7625

Entry Fee: Free for everyone


Nearest Bus/Metro Station:

  • The Roda Mistry College bus stop
  • Raidurg Metro Station

Address: Old Mumbai Hwy, opp. to Commissioner office, Gachibowli, Silpa Gram Craft Village, HITEC City, Hyderabad, Telangana 500081.

Get the Direction:

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biodiversity park near me

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biodiversity park Hyderabad

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