Airports Authority of India (AAI) Sports Scholarship 2022-23

The main objective of this scholarship scheme is to award the Airports Authority of India, a sports scholarship scheme for outstanding sportspersons to enhance sporting standards in AAI as also encourage young talent.

Airports Authority of India (AAI) also engages outstanding and young players on contract in the Airports Authority of India (AAI) intending to give permanent employment to them subsequently based on their performances and vacancies available.

The contract will be available to the sportspersons in the age group of over 14 years and under 24 years.

Student must continue their studies as well as the contract game concerned diligently and show improved performances in both. No objection certificate should be furnished by the parents of the applicant.

AAI Sports Scholarship

AAI Sports Scholarship Scheme Details:

Organization:Airports Authority of India, Sports Control Board

Scholarship Name: AAI Sports Scholarship

Last Date: 21st February 2022


Academic Year: 2022-23

Address: A Wing, Room No. 120, Safdarjung Airport, Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan, New Delhi-110003.

Eligibility Criteria: Students over 14 years.

Game Category Criteria
Athletics Boys and Girls Students who have represented in Sub-Junior / Junior/ Senior National Championships, All India Inter-University Tournaments, National School Games in the last two years.
Badminton Boys and Girls
Cricket Boys
Chess Boys and Girls
Carrom Boys and Girls
Football Boys
Kho-Kho Girls
Table Tennis Boys and Girls
Volley Ball Boys

No. of Scholarships:

The total number of scholarships will not be more than 85 for the open category and the remaining 15 for Wards of AAI.

Scholarship Amount:

The scholarships amount to be awarded to the beneficiary will be as:-

Age Group Amount per Month
Over 14 to 18 years Rs.12000/- pm
Over 18 years Rs. 16000/- pm

The contracted sportsperson will also be entitled to a medical allowance of Rs.1000/- pm.


The scholarship scheme is valid only for one year but based on the performance it is extendable.

Conditions of Scholarship:

  • The scholarship holder will not be eligible to apply and draw any other stipend for sporting activity.
  • There is no responsibility on the part of the AAI to employ AAI sports scholarship holders.
  • Players should be available for practice, camp, and tournaments whenever required.
  • A player shall abide by all the rules & conditions given by AAISCB.
  • A player shall not represent any other institutes, clubs, or associations.
  • The AAI can take away the scholarship award at any time without any reason.
  • Students are required to get the concurrences of their parents in writing attested by any Gazetted officer.
  • If he/she accepts any scholarship employment from any other institution, the scholarship so awarded by AAI will cease automatically.

Conditions of Award of Contract:

  • The contract sportsperson will be required to put in the best efforts in playing, maintaining, and upholding the image of AAI.
  • A sportsperson is required to assist the AAI sports control board in all its training sessions, practice, and actual matches on behalf of the Authority.
  • The contract can be terminated at 15 days’ notice or remuneration in lieu thereof by either side at any time before the expiry of the period of the contract.
  • A sportsperson will not be entitled to avail of the medical facilities of the AAI or any of the medical reimbursement except the medical allowance of Rs.1000/- pm as mentioned above.
  • Participants shall be required to maintain strict discipline off and on the playground as is expected from any other member of the AAI team.
  • Engagement of the sportsperson is purely on a contract basis for a specified period and the contract sportsperson will not be eligible for any other benefits which may be available to the employees of AAI including for becoming a member of the provident fund or any other schemes which may be in force from time to time.
  • And the contract can be renewed at the sole discretion of AAI either in continuation of the contract or after a such gap as is considered necessary on such terms and conditions as are intimated at the time of renewal.

Selection Process:

Applications received shall be considered by a committee constituted by AAI Sports Control Board. Talented sportspersons who are not studying may also apply for AAI sports scholarships subject to requirements and verification by the Secretary of the National Federation.

Cases of special merit students not covered under this scheme conditions may be considered with the approval of the Chairman, AAI.

How to Apply for AAI Scholarship?

The duly filled application form should be forwarded along with the required documents in an envelope to Shri G L Verma, Assistant General Manager (HR) & Secretary, AAI Sports Control Board, Airports Authority of India.

Last Date: 21st February 2022

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