Munich a Perfect Getaway: Must See Places in Munich

Munich, with its air of polished prosperity, is archetypal Germany. It is in the state of Bavaria. For those who want to step away from the ordinary, this is an ideal holiday destination.

From nature’s serenity to manmade wonders, Munich has it all. The old and the new coexist here with valued traditions, high powered industries and sleek cars.

The Bavarian capital located on the Isar River has strong roots in the past. The Rococo and Baroque architecture, museums, lush parks and historic venues such as Schloss Nymphengurg, the summer palace of the rulers of Bavaria, are the favored haunts of tourist and locals alike.

Walk through the lush, green pastures, discover world class museums and of course, visit he royal palaces. This gracious German city is just an hour’s drive from the snow crusted Alps that frame it so beautiful and lend it an air of enchantment.

Must See Places in Munich:

Out of the city, into the romantic fairyland, surround yourself with green rolling hills that stretch all the way to the Alps. Nothing beats a breath of fresh alpine air. Visit farming villages where ancient’s tradition still live on. Or lose yourself in fantasy castles and chapels.

Places to Visit in Munich

Shopping in Munich:

Shopping along the River Isar – the mere thought will have you beaming like a diamond in the sun. Imagine yourself sashayi8ng through unique designer boutiques and department stores. Test the aroma of superb delicatessens and markets. And venture on an exciting bargain hunt through the antique shops.

Places to Visit in Munich

The Royal Castles of Neuschwanstein and Linderhof:

Built by Kind Ludwig 2, these magnificent castles are one of the main tourist attractions and the pride of Munich. You can cover the charming scenery of the mountains and splendid castles in a day.

Places to Visit in Munich

Cuisine and Culture:

Munich is Germany’s third largest city and the capital city of Bavaria. It is fondly known as WeltstadtmitHerz, or ‘cosmopolitan city with a heart.’ With its ensembles, numerous orchestras, theatres and opera houses, Munich thrives with cultural activities.

If history, music, architecture or art interests you, plan a trip with the fancy attractions available like a trip to the Bavaria film studios or to famous traditional beer gardens.

Places to See in Munich

BMW Museum:

This museum, with its distinctive architecture in the shape of a futuristic silver bowl, is among the most attractive museums in Munich. The ‘time horizons’ exhibition takes you on an exciting journey through technical feats of pioneering from the historic BMW sports car through legendary prototypes, right up to the futuristic study of automobiles and motorcycles. It is paradise for an automobile enthusiast.

Places to See in Munich

Parks and Gardens:

Indulge in the beauty of Munich’s world class beautiful lush gardens. The temperature and altitude of Munich is just right for a variety of plants, from small colorful flowering shrubs to enormous towering trees, to flourish. Wander through the Englischer Garten or the Riemer and get amazed by the greenery.

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