Meet the Top 10 [Successful] Women Entrepreneurs of India

Women entrepreneurs in India are on the rise. India is ranked third among countries with the highest percentage of female entrepreneurs, they are starting their own companies as a result of social change and increased educational opportunities for women in India.

The number has increased by more than five times in the last decade to over 2 million women. Women entrepreneurs are now playing a pivotal role in shaping economies and societies across the country. There is no denying that Indian society has made great strides toward gender parity but there is still a long way to go before we can say that it has achieved equality.

In India, women have been traditionally seen as a housewife, mothers, and daughters-in-law. But in the last decade or so, many Indian women are breaking the shackles of traditional thinking and become entrepreneurs. Women are increasingly becoming entrepreneurs in India. There are a variety of reasons why women in India are taking the entrepreneurial path.

List of Top 10 Successful Women Entrepreneurs in India:

1. Falguni Nayar:

business women in india

Age: 59 Years
Place: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Founded: Nykaa
Started: 2012
Type of Industries: Ecommerce Company, Cosmetics Products, and Beauty Products Online
Occupation: Founder and CEO of Nykaa
Profession: Businesswoman/ Entrepreneur
  • 2017 – Winner of the Woman Ahead Category at ETSA
  • 2019 – Businesswoman of the Year Award at the ET Awards for Corporate Excellence
Social Media:
Net Worth: Rs.38,700 Crores

2. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw:

Women Entrepreneur in india

Age: 69
Place: Bengaluru Karnataka, India
Founded: Biocon
Started: 1978
Type of Industries: Biopharmaceutical Company
Occupation: Executive Chairperson of the Company
Profession: Brewmaster, Entrepreneur
  • Padma Bhushan – 2005
  • Padma Shri – 1989
  • The Economic Times Award for Businesswoman of the Year – 2004
  • Global Indian Woman of the Year – 2012
  • Dynamic Entrepreneur – 2009
  • The Indian Chamber of Commerce Lifetime Achievement Award – 2005
  • The Corporate Leadership Award by the American India Foundation – 2005
  • The Karnataka Rajyotsava Award – 2002
Books: Ale & Arty: The Story of Beer – 2000
Social Media:
Net Worth: Rs.29.030 Crores

3. Vandana Luthra:

internet entrepreneur

Age: 63 Years
Place: Kolkata, West Bengal
Founded: VLCC Health Care Limited
Started: 1989
Type of Industries: Health and Personal Care Product
Occupation: MD and CEO of VLCC
Profession: Businesswoman / Entrepreneur
  • 2010 – The Enterprise Asia Women Entrepreneur of the Year Award
  • 2012 – The Asian Business Leaders Forum Trailblazer Award
  • 2013 – Padma Shri
  • 1999 – Complete Fitness Programme
  • 2000 – A Good Life: The VLCC Way Vandana Luthra
Social Media:
Net Worth: Rs.1300 Crores

4. Namita Thapar:

Namita Thapar businesswomen

Age: 45 Years
Place: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Founded: Emcure
Started: 16-4-1981
Type of Industries: Pharmaceuticals
Occupation: Executive Director
Profession: Entrepreneur / Businesswomen
  • 2022 – The Dolphin and the Shark: Stories on Entrepreneurship

Social Media:
Net Worth: Rs.700 Crore

5. Vineeta Singh:

sugar product

Age: 39 Years
Place: New Delhi
Founded: SUGAR Cosmetics
Started: 2012
Type of Industries: Cosmetics
Occupation: Founder and CEO
Profession: Entrepreneur / Businesswomen
  • 2019 – Startup of the year
  • 2021 – Feature on the cover of Forbes Most Powerful Women
Social Media:
Net Worth: Rs.300 Crore

6. Shahnaz Husain:

Shahnaz Husain busonesswomen

Age: 77 Years
Place: India
Founded: The Shahnaz Husain Group
Started: 1978
Type of Industries: The Herbal Beauty Care
Occupation: Chairperson and Founder
Profession: Internet Entrepreneur / Businesswomen
  • 1985 – Outstanding Woman Entrepreneur from FICCI
  • 2006 – Padmashri Award
  • 2017 -“Woman Super Achiever” Award in Mumbai,
  • 2017 – Ayurveda Innovation Award from Suryadatta Group
  • 1998 – Shahnaz Husain’s Beauty Book
  • 2001 – Book Of Absolute Beauty
  • 1998 – Muslim Heroes of the Crusades: Salahuddin and Nuruddin
  • 2004 – The Muslim Conquest of Spain and the Legacy of Al-Andalus
Social Media:
Net Worth: Rs.250 Crores

7. Ghazal Alagh :

mama earth founder

Age: 34 Years
Place: Gurgaon, Haryana
Founded: Mama Earth
Started: 2016
Type of Industries: Beauty and Personal Care Products
Occupation: Co-founder and CEO
Profession: Businesswomen
  • 2021 – India Business Leader and the Young Turks Startup of the Year awards
Social Media:
Net Worth: Rs.150 Crores

8. Hemalatha Annamalai:

female businesswomen

Age: 52 Years
Place: Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
Founded: Ampere Electric Pvt. Ltd
Started: 2008
Type of Industries: Electric Vehicles
Occupation: Founder & CEO of Ampere Electric
Profession: Entrepreneur, and Business Women
  • 2010 – The Best Product Design Award
  • 2017 – The Disruptor of Tamil Nadu Award in the Manufacturing Sector
  • 2017 – The Women Entrepreneur of the Year by the Rotary Club of Madras East
  • 2021 – Thadaigalai Thagarthu (Tamil Addition)
Social Media:
Net Worth: Rs. 115 Crores

9. Radhika Agarwal:

top entrepreneur in india

Place: Gurugram, Haryana, India
Founded: ShopClues
Started: 2011
Type of Industries: Online Shopping
Occupation: Co-founder and Chief Business Officer (CBO)
Profession: Internet Entrepreneur / Businesswomen
  • 2016 – Outlook Business Woman
  • 2016 – Woman Entrepreneur of the Year
  • 2016 – Entrepreneur of the Year at CMO Asia
  • 2016 – CEO of the Year
Social Media:
Net Worth: Rs.50 Crores

10. Aditi Gupta:

female business women in india

Place: Garhwa, Jharkhand, India
Founded: Menstrupedia Comic
Started: 2012
Type of Industries: Menstrupedia Comic Information 
Occupation: Founder and CEO
Profession: Indian Author/ Businesswoman
  • 2014 – She Was Named in the Forbes India 30 Under 30
Books: Menstrupedia Comic
Social Media:
Net Worth: Rs.40 Lakh

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