What is a Bonafide Certificate? Uses of Bonafide Application

You might be living in a different world if you never heard of the term ‘Bonafide Certificate’.

So, what is a bonafide certificate also commonly known as a bonafide application or letter?

At some point or the other in our lives, we were asked to present, receive, or apply for a bonafide certificate especially if we were studying in a particular institution.

The bonafide application is nothing but written proof that you belonged to a certain institution at some point and have no negative intentions with the same.

The certificate serves as valid proof of our identity at a workplace or an institution when we want to move, or want to complete our studies abroad.

It is a mandatory certificate that has to be submitted when you apply for a new position at a workplace or any kind of institution. The term ‘Bonafide’ can be translated to ‘in good faith’, which comes from Latin.

Basically, it serves as proof that you worked or studied at a particular institution or were associated with an organization.

What is a Bonafide Certificate

Uses of a Bonafide Certificate:

It can be used in several situations and is a specific requirement in several institutions where you want to apply or work. Some of the common uses of a bonafide certificate are:

  • The certificate has specific details of the institution you studied at previously.
  • Proof of association with a particular institution, organization, or company.
  • Required to process your visa, job applications, and various applications abroad.
  • Attested by the head of an organization or a company.
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How to Apply for a Bonafide Certificate?

  1. Applying for a bonafide application is not a difficult task. Every school, institution, company, or organization has its own application process which is easy.
  2. You have to reach out to the respective office and enquire about the same.
  3. Obtain the application form and fill in the required details.
  4. It is a hassle-free process and requires you to submit the necessary documents along to avail of the certificate.
  5. If the institution does not have an application process to avail of the certificate, then you can submit a letter requesting the bona fide certificate to the office.
  6. The applications to avail of bonafide certificates can be submitted online and you can choose the information you want your institution to include in your certificate.
  7. A typical bonafide application will include all the accurate details of the time you worked or studied at a particular institution.
  8. You can avail of the bonafide certificate from your work by requesting the same and by submitting the required documents at the office.
  9. While parents can apply for the bonafide from school and submit the respective documents.
  10. Students from colleges or universities can apply for the same by themselves.


It is important that you avail of the certificate from your previous school, college, or university you studied to be safe.

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