Noida International Airport to Offer India's 1st Pod Taxi

What are POD taxis? POD taxis (Personal Rapid Transit) are used as a means of public transport in many of the developed countries like the UK, Abu Dhabi, Netherlands, etc.

Pod Taxis are small automated cars that operate on a network of specially built guideways. Since they do not interfere with the road traffic, they ensure nonstop point to point travel and are pollution free vehicles.

The driverless POD taxis to be introduced will use solar energy and have a carriage capacity of 15,000 people per hour. Each car can carry around 6 passengers.

Being fully automated and environment friendly, POD cars may be a game changing technology in the city. It is a congestion free system without any interference with the road traffic, thereby causing no delay.

 The Noida International Airport near New Delhi is being built from scratch in phases and is expected to cater to 30-50 million passengers per year.

Pod Taxi initiative is expected to be finalized by the conclusion of 2024.The project is anticipated to cost approximately 810 crore rupees.

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