7 Most Scary and Haunted places in India

Bhanghra Fort, Rajasthan

located in Alwar District,

The abandoned town of Bhangarh, located in the Alwar area, is one of the scariest places and is known to many as one of India’s most haunted locations. It is deemed so dangerous that the Archaeological Survey of India has made it illegal for anybody to enter the Bhangarh Fort after dark.

Kuldhara village, Rajasthan

Rajasthan has an incredible assortment of abandoned ghost towns and villages! The Paliwal Brahmins once occupied the Kuldhara hamlet near Jaisalmer. According to legend, all of the inhabitants of Kuldhara, as well as 83 other adjacent villages, vanished into thin air in 1825, leaving no evidence of their existence a prehistoric world ruled by dinosaurs.

Dow Hill,  West Bengal

The Victoria Boy’s High School and Dow Hill Girl’s Boarding School in Kurseong, Darjeeling, are thought to be haunted by countless spirits, whose footsteps may be heard echoing through the corridors. Numerous dead remains have been discovered in the woods around the schools, and some residents and visitors have reported being followed by a headless kid who then vanishes into the woods

Agrasen Ki Bowli, New Delhi

The spooky fact around which the storybrotates is that when you go deeper down the Baoli all the sounds fade out and you are left only with the sound of your footprints only. The silence embarks the presence of something negative, also it is kown that the Baoli incidently filled with Black water and asked for the sacrifice of their lives in the black water.

Dumas Beach,  Surat

The black sands at Dumas Beach in Gujarat on the Arabian Sea coast have long been connected with various mysteries. Many people think that the beach used to be a Hindu burial place, and that restless ghosts cry out to tourists taking nocturnal strolls and strolling towards the sea to return to the coast.

Jatinga, Assam

This small community of 2500 people has one of the world’s most perplexing phenomena: periodic mass bird suicides. Local and migratory birds have been dropping dead in huge numbers on moonless evenings in Sep and Oct for generations.

Bombay High Court, Mumbai

Lawyers at the Bombay High Court say that one of the courtrooms is haunted by a vindictive tormented spirit who prevents the accused from entering the courtroom during every murder trial. According to reports, this has been going on for about three decades.

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