Habits That Can Damage Your Brain!


#1 Staying In The Dark Too Much:

Just like plants need sunlight, your brain needs light to work properly. If you stay too much in the dark, you may feel grumpy & harder to think clearly.

#2 Barely Moving Throughout The Day:

Being active sends more oxygen & nutrients to your brain, making it work better. It also helps you think more clearly, remember things & stay focused.

#3 Consuming Too Much Sugar:

Eating sugary foods gives a quick energy boost, but this boost is short-lived. Soon after, your energy level drops & you might feel tired. These ups & downs affect how your brain works.

#4 Social Isolation:

Humans are social beings. Lack of social interaction with others can make you feel lonely and depressed, thereby affecting brain health.

#5 Consuming Too Much News:

Watching too much sad or scary news unknowingly fills your brain with lots of negative thoughts & that's not good.

#6 Poor Sleeping Habits:

When you don't get enough sleep, your brain doesn't get a chance to rest & repair itself, which causes problems with memory, attention & mood.

#7 Too Much Screen Time:

Excessive screen time makes your brain tired & makes it harder for you to focus on other activities. Slowly it makes you a screen addict, causing you to forget about other real-life things.

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