Union Bank of India Swift Code / BIC List for All Branches

We provide the updated list of Union Bank of India Swift code / BIC codes for all branches in India. It is one of the things that are necessary for transferring money internationally.

What is a SWIFT / BIC Code?

SWIFT codes are also known as Bank Identifier Codes) is the code that will need to be used in international banking transactions. SWIFT codes are unique codes that differ from one bank to another.

SWIFT codes are part of the banking industry. Each bank has a particular identifier or BIC code. Individuals, who transfer money, especially internationally use SWIFT codes for wire transfers.

These are the list of Union Bank of India swift codes used by those who are partnering within the SWIFT bank network. These codes consist of 8 to 11 digits that are used by banks worldwide.

Union Bank of India Swift Code List:

Union Bank of India Swift Code

Bank NameSWIFT / BIC CodesBranch NamesCityCountry
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBXXXMain Mumbai BranchMumbaiIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBDBADayal Bagh BranchAgraIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBELBEllisbridge BR BranchAhmedabadIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBIFAIndustrial Finance BranchAhmedabadIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBALPAlappuzhaAlapuzhaIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBMAMMajith Mandi AmritsarAmritsarIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBARIAurai BranchAuraiIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBAURAurangabad Main BranchAurangabadIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBIBBIndustrial Finance BranchBangaloreIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBCTBCantonment BranchBangaloreIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBGNBGandhinagarBangaloreIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBBHDBhadohi BranchBhadohiIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBBHIBhimavaram BranchBhimavaramIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBBNWBhubaneshwar Main BranchBhubaneshwarIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBCHAChandigarh MainChandigarhIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBOMDOverseas BranchChennaiIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBSOWSowcarpet BranchChennaiIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBICNChennaiChennaiIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBCMTCoimbatore M BranchCoimbatoreIndia

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Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBDERDehradun BranchDehradunIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBCCDKhari Baoli BranchDelhiIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBKCHOverseas Branch, ErnakulamErnakulamIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBGHZSSI GhaziabadGhaziabadIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBGNTLakshmipuramGuntur, APIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBGURSSI Finance BranchGurgaonIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBKHRKhairatabad BranchHyderabadIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBSYISiyaganj BranchIndoreIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBOJPOverseas BranchJaipurIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBOJLOverseas BranchJalandharIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBJAMJamshedpur Main Br.JamshedpurIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBJODJodhpur BranchJodhpurIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBKNNKannur BranchKannurIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBKANKanpur Main BranchKanpurIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBKARKarur BranchKarurIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBKHUKazhakuttamKazhakuttamIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBIKLIndustrial Finance BranchKolkataIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBOCLOverseas BranchKolkataIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBKLMKollam Br.KollamIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBCLAClarks Avadh BranchLucknowIndia

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Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBLDNSSI BranchLudhianaIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBMDUMadurai Main BranchMaduraiIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBMGGMandi GobindgarhMandi GobindgarhIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBMRTMeerut BranchMeerutIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBMOROverseas BranchMoradabadIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBBYCByculla BranchMumbaiIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBBBZBhat Bazar BranchMumbaiIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBSZWSantacruz BranchMumbaiIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBKLBKalbadevi BranchMumbaiIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBSEPOverseas Branch, SeepzMumbaiIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBGHTGhatkopar BranchMumbaiIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBOPHOpera House BranchMumbaiIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBBKOTreasury BranchMumbaiIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBIEVInternational Exchange BranchMumbaiIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBOBROverseas Branch, MumbaiMumbaiIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBLOPLower Parel BrMumbaiIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBPSTPrincess Street BranchMumbaiIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBKBZKhand Bazar BranchMumbaiIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBIFBIndustrial Finance BranchMumbaiIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBBSMB.S. Marg BranchMumbaiIndia

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Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBNRMNRI BranchMumbaiIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBSIOSion East BrMumbaiIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBIMSIFB, Mumbai Samachar Marg BranchMumbaiIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBGORGoregaon EastMumbaiIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBDHNDhantoli BranchNagpurIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBVATVashi Turbhe BranchNavi MumbaiIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBIFDIndustrial FinanceNew DelhiIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBNDLOverseas BranchNew DelhiIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBNPDNehru Place BrNew DelhiIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBOKHSME Okhla BranchNew DelhiIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBSBDShalimar Bagh BranchNew DelhiIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBPANPanipat BranchPanipatIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBIPNIndustrial Finance Branch, PunePuneIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBKWPKasarwadi BranchPuneIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBRAIRaipur BranchRaipurIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBRKTRace Course Circle BranchRajkotIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBSECR.P.Road, BranchSecunderabadIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBSURKnapithy BranchSuratIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBTRRTaraori BranchTaraoriIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBTRPTiruppur BranchTiruppurIndia

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Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBIBRIndustrial Finance BranchVadodara (Baroda)India
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBVRNVaranasi Cantt BranchVaranasiIndia
Union Bank of IndiaUBININBBVISSSI Finance BranchVisakhapatnamIndia

These are the Union Bank of India swift codes that will use when sending or transferring money online. SWIFT codes and BIC codes are used in many bank transfers.

It is one of the things that are necessary so that the money is transferred into the right account. Financial institutions can make sure that they are using the correct options in a wire transfer.

Banks or financial institutions make sure are getting the options they are looking for when making wire transfers especially international transfers.

We have the largest and most accurate SWIFT list on the internet. Our website allows you to quickly find or verify the bank codes of any bank in India.


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