Tips for Employers – Process and Guidance of Employment

The amount of responsibility you are given and the caliber of people with whom you work is tremendous. The work is challenging, but in return there are opportunities for personal growth, career progression, continual learning, and personal satisfaction every day.

It’s also important that company encourages all employees to have a healthy balance between work and personal time. Most employees are very active when not at work, with activities ranging from travel to sports to volunteer work to community service. All of this is part of the work-smart culture.

Tell skills does the company seek in new hires?

Candidates who are successful generally have the following traits: leadership, informed risk-taking, innovation, strong thinking and problem-solving abilities, the ability to collaborate with others, and the ability to build organizational capacity.

Within this last point, leveraging diversity and supporting the development of others’ capabilities are particularly important.

Tips for Employers

Top 5 Reasons You Should Mention While Hiring:

  • Commitment to diversity
  • Quality of life
  • On-site fitness centers, medical facilities, and banking
  • Extensive and well-known product line
  • Excellent benefits and compensation

What advice would you offer to someone interviewing at your company?

Do: relax, be yourself and be prepared.

Don’t: demonstrate a lack of integrity, misrepresent anything, or make derogatory comments about other companies, schools, classmates, etc.

Describe the training process for new hires:

We have designed a unique, on-boarding experience as soon as you accept a job. This program starts with an online tool that guides you through everything you need to know about getting a jump-start on the orientation process.

Then, beginning with their first day on the job and continuing throughout their first year, new hires will participate in the three additional phases. All sessions designed to give deeper levels of information about company’s history, culture values and work life.

Is there are training and development programs:

On going, we are committed to the training and development of our employees throughout their careers. We’re dedicated to the continued growth of all employees, because we know that the Company can grow only through the efforts, talents, and skills of our employees.

It’s important to note that company people learn fast by learning on the job. As an employee, you will be given meaningful work, along with significant coaching from coworkers, team members, and managers to support your work. But it doesn’t stop there.

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