Telangana Annapurna Canteen Scheme: Have a Meal for Just Rs.5/-

Annapurna Canteen Telangana

You have read it right!!! Now, you can book meals for just Rs.5. The government of Telangana has come forward with a great idea to feed each and every hungry person.

Annapurna food scheme commenced in the year 2014 by Hare Krishna Charities and the former GHMC Commissioner Sri. Somesh Kumar (Chief Secretary, Government of Telangana).

The scheme was officially termed “Annapurna Canteen” by the Honorable Minister of IT, Sri. K. T. Ramarao. It has distributed around 10 crore meals to date.

The scheme was started during the Covid lockdown to feed the underprivileged and the daily wages of labor with hygienic food at the lowest cost.

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The scheme provides a wide range of meals every day without neglecting the nutritional needs of a person. The Annapurna canteens have a wider range than the mobile canteens. It distributes Different fried rice, Daals, Khichdi, Upma, Idli, Nutritional vegetables, Fruits, Curd, pickle, and a water bottle.

Annapurna Canteen Menu:

Annapurna Canteen Menu

Initially, the Annapurna scheme was launched at 150 Annapurna centers, and after its prompt success, the centers have increased widely. These canteens are placed at major landmarks, popular streets, markets, and Government Hospitals.

List of Annapurna Centers in Hyderabad:

As we all know Hyderabad is a very big city and in this big city, one cannot find where the Annapurna Canteen is located. To help you find the nearest Annapurna Centers you can go to the official website of GHMC from the link given below and find the nearest Annapurna center.

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