How You Can Register For Service Tax Online In India?

Service Tax Registration is one of the most common and important forms of indirect tax that is levied on businesses or companies or any kind of service provider by the Government.

The Service Tax is levied on service providers by the Government under the Finance Act of 1994. This tax is levied on businesses on certain types of transactions, but the taxes are actually borne by the customers.

This indirect tax allows the service provider to pay a decent amount of tax that is recovered by them via their customers. However, the Service tax was levied on specific items or specialized items but then it was levied on all service providers in 2012.

Every service provider is said to come under service tax and is charged to the service providers on a cash basis. It is levied on all service providers that have a turnover over 10 lakhs INR per financial year.

However, after the introduction of GST which is Goods and Services Tax, there are several changes made in service taxes alone. In a few cases, paying service tax is voluntary and not mandatory.

But delay in payment of service tax has its own compliances and penalties. All providers in India, except those within Jammu and Kashmir, need to pay Service Tax in India.

Service Tax Registration

Here is how you can register for service tax in India as a service tax provider:

Documents Required:

A list of documents that are required to register for Service Tax in India is listed below:

  • Address proof – a copy of the rental agreement or sale deed.
  • Copy of PAN card.
  • Copy of memorandum & articles of association and certificate of incorporation, or LLP agreement in case of LLP.
  • ID proof – a copy of voter ID/driver’s license/passport.
  • Copy of bank statement – passbook and bank details.
  • 2 Photos of each of the individual/partners/directors.
  • NOC if rented.

Registration Procedure:

• You can file for service tax online by visiting the official website or portal of Automation of Central Excise and Service Tax (ACES)

• Submit all the required documents listed above.

• After filing the service tax online, you will receive the service tax registration within a few days after filing.

• You will get an electronic service tax registration, get a copy of the same and you can pay the taxes right away.

• The applicant has to submit self-attested copies of the documents by post to the respective division within a week of verification.

You will be registered for service tax right away. Pay your service tax and avoid penalties or compliances.

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