Pre Matric Scholarship for the children of Beedi /Mine / Cine Workers

Ministry of Labour and Employment providing pre-matric scholarship 2021-22 for the children of beedi workers, IOMC (Iron Ore, Manganese Ore, Ore Mine Workers), LSDM (Limestone & Dolomite Mine) Workers and Cine Workers. The pre-matric scholarship scheme is also meant to cover the contract workers children of the above-given category.

Ministry of Labour and Employment providing welfare measures for the beedi workers with a view to improving their living conditions were under consideration of the State Government for some time past. After careful consideration of the matter, the Government is pleased to introduce this scholarship.

The objective of the scheme is to improve the living conditions of the beedi workers by way of giving scholarship grants under certain conditions to facilitate. The monthly income of the family should not be more than Rs 10000/- pm.

The pre-matric scholarship scheme will be implemented and managed by the Ministry of Labour and Employment. The Ministry of Labour and Employment will review the working of the scheme from time to time and take such steps as may be considered necessary. The Government may relax any of the provisions of the scheme and also add new provisions to the scheme if necessary.

Scholarship for Workers

Pre Matric Scholarship Details:

Organization: Ministry of Labour and Employment

Scholarship Name: Pre Matric Scholarship for the children of Beedi /Mine / Cine Workers


Year: 2021-22

Last Date: Publish Soon

Scholarship Category:

  • Beedi Workers
  • IOMC (Iron Ore, Manganese Ore, and Ore Mine) Workers
  • LSDM (Limestone&Dolomite Mine) Workers
  • Cine Workers

Beedi Worker: The monthly income of the family should not exceed Rs.10,000/- per month. The parents of the applicant must be a worker in one of the above categories with a minimum of 6 months of service.

Mine Worker: The IOMC workers doing any manual, unskilled, highly skilled and clerical worker is eligible for taking all the facilities under various other scholarship schemes of Labour Welfare regardless of the remuneration paid to them.

LSDML Worker: The candidates employed at the supervisory and manager levels are also eligible for taking advantage of the facilities under various schemes regardless of the wage limit of Rs. 10,000- per month.

Cine Workers: Not more than Rs.8,000- pm for monthly remuneration or should not be more than Rs.1 lakh where it is paid by way of instalments.

Scholarship Reservation:

Applicants belong to SC (Scheduled Caste) and ST (Scheduled Tribes) category, which is applicable for 15% reservation for SC and 7.5% reservation for ST category students. Coverage for girls students should be 50% courage and to cover all the worker children’s belongs to SC and ST category who have passed the previous examination.

Eligibility Criteria for Pre-Matric Scholarship 2021-22:

  • The student should have passed the previous examination on 1st attempt.
  • Students who are studying through correspondence are not eligible for the scheme.
  • Students must have taken the admission in regular in any Government recognized in any general or technical course. (Medical/Engineering/Agricultural courses).
  • The scholarship scheme is not eligible for the applicants who are studying in the same stage even after passing.
  • The Scholarship scheme is not eligible for the students who have completed their educational career in one profession and still continued education in a different professional line such as  LLB after BT or BEd.
  • It should be Government recognized Institute.
  • Students should avail of any stipend from any other source under this scholarship scheme.
  • All students must have a bank account in their name.
  • More than 1 child of the same parents also should provide a separate bank account.
  • Each student is required to provide a separate phone number.

How to Apply for a Scholarship?

The scholarship application should be in the prescribed format. The application can also be submitted on plain paper in a handwritten format.

All the scholarship applications should be in the regional language. Applications must be submitted every year by 15th Aug to the head of the concerned institutes.

The Head of the institutes shall verify the given details of the student and forward the application to the Welfare Commissioner every year by the 15th of September.

The Welfare Department will examine all the applications. All other scholarship applications shall be inspected thoroughly by the welfare department by 30th Nov.

Minimum 10% of the scholarship applications were found to satisfy the given eligibility criteria and verified by the concerned welfare department. Each year by the end of the month of November, the Welfare department, sanction the scholarships.

Scholarship Amount:

Groups Class/Courses Scholarship Rates
Girls Boys
Group-1st Class I – IV Rs.250/- Rs.250/-
Group-2nd Class V – VIII Rs.940/- Rs.500/-
Group-3rd Class – IX Rs.1140/- Rs.700/-
Group-4th Class – X Rs.1840/- Rs.1400/-
Group-5th Class XI-XII Rs.2440/- Rs.2000/-
Group-6th ITI Rs. 10,000/- Rs. 10,000/-
Group-7th Nonprofessional degree courses and PG courses, 2-3 years diploma, B.C.A, B.B.A and PGDCA courses. Rs.3000/- Rs.3000/-
Group-8th Professional degree courses Rs.15000/- Rs.15000/-

The scholarship will be cancelled for the following reasons:

  • The scholarship will be cancelled and not renewal if any students are found to have secured a scholarship by incorrect statements.
  • If the students discontinue their studies, the scholarship will be cancelled or not renewed.
  • If the students change the subject or the institutes without any prior approval.
  • If the students fail to maintain satisfactory progress or he/she is poor in attendance or the student is responsible for misconduct / improper behaviour for which the scholarship shall not be renewed.
  • If the parent’s of the students ceases to be Beedi / IOMC / LSDM / Cine worker.
  • If the students are found to have indulged in any one of the above following after getting paid, the scholarship amount will be recovered either from the student or from their parents.

Documents Needed:

  • Photograph
  • Copy of ID card
  • Copy of bank passbook
  • Mark sheet
  • Income certificate

Last Date: The last date will be published soon to apply for the pre-matric scholarship (Fresh or Renewal).

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