Ram Navami Festival Story, History, Celebration Date




2nd April 2020 Thursday
21st April 2021 Wednesday
10th April 2022 Sunday
30th March 2023 Thursday

Note: Dates may vary.

Ram Navami Festival

The story goes that King Dashrath was very upset as he had no sons to succeed him. He was advised that he should perform the Ashvamedha Yagna in which a horse is let loose to roam anywhere it pleased. If it was stopped, that person had to fight the person performing the yagna.

The horse sent out by King Dashrath returned, and it was sacrificed with great festivity. Then King Dashrath called the pujaris and asked them to perform the Putrakama Yagna so that he would be blessed with a son.

Whilst the puja was being performed, out of the fire came a divine form with a bowl in his hand. He gave the bowl of kheer to King Dashrath and asked him to distribute the kheer amongst his wives and his wish a son would be fulfilled.

King Dashrath went to his eldest wife, Kausalya, and asked her to take half the content next, he went to his queen Sumitra and asked her to take half of what was left and then to Kaikeyi. There was still some kheer left and he gave it to Sumitra.

Soon after, Ram Ji was born to queen Kaushalya, twins Lakshman and Shatrughan to Sumitra and Bharat to Kaikeyi. All the sons were parts of Vishnu ji and the brothers loved one another very much. Ram was adored by his brothers and they did whatever Ram asked them to. Ram’s wife, Sita, was a good wife and loved by all.

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