Prerana Scheme for SC/ST Students for Higher Education

The objective of the Prerana scheme is to provide financial assistance to institutes/colleges that are willing to put extra effort to encourage and train SC/ST category students to pursue GATE, GPAT, CMAT, and GRE.

Today, there is seen a vast shortage of student teaching staff in diploma and engineering colleges. There were multiple techniques used by the government to overcome this problem.

This Prerana scheme is one of the methods used by the government so that they can successfully address this problem and help students to achieve their higher goals.

According to the scholarship program, they would help students still studying in the final year or who have passed the final year to get the post-graduation degree.

Efforts are made to see that students should get higher education and finally become qualified to teach in engineering and diploma colleges.

They also aim to provide financial support to the institutes that provide encouragement and training to the students belonging to SC/ST students for CAT, GPAT, GATE, GRE, and CMAT.

Their focus is to see that students belonging to SC/ST caste can have hassle-free training and encouragement. They wanted these students to pass exams such as CAT, GATE, CMAT, GRE, IELTS, TOEFL, and GPAT.

Prerana Scheme

Prerana Scheme Details:

Organization:All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)
Scheme Name:Prerana Scheme for SC/ST Students for Higher Education

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The institutes or universities that are eligible for such scholarship programs and can have financial support should be approved by AICTE departments.
  • A particular institute or the university that has been approved by AICTE departments should have a minimum of ten years of existence.
  • The institute or university should have at least 50 numbers of students belonging to the SC/ST caste for 3 continuous years.
  • They should accept the guidelines given by the sub-plan of scheduled classes and tribal of the government of India.
  • Institute or the university must own a good and stable infrastructure so that they can carry out the required training and encouragement plan without any hindrance. It is not like the building or the place could be shifted every now and then. This would great turmoil in the education life of students and the scholarship programs provided by the government.


The scheme will be available for at least 2 years time period once subscribed to it. (That is for 2 years of the post-graduation period)

Fund Disbursement:

The total amount that is to be disbursed should be 100% of the total. When the award time can come by, almost all the money is to be given to the respective institute or university. According to the scheme, the total amount to be awarded will be about 10 lakhs.

Methodology and Processing: 

The process of the scheme is carried out by the committee members who are experts in their field. It is to be concluded that the expert will be responsible for assessing the proposal. The eligibility of these committee members is as follows:

  • The experts should not be less than 3 for the purpose of assessing the proposal.
  • Experts should be associate professors and above.
  • It would be better if all the members belong to the stream of concern, but even one of them will be enough.

Terms and Conditions of this Scheme:

  • Financial assistance will be provided of about 10 lakh Rupees by AICTE.
  • The above should be done in order to provide expenditure support for the invited members of the faculty to conduct sessions for the welfare of students. Per session can be amounted to ₹2000 per class. The number of fees should be paid on behalf of each student and the class can be a minimum of 2 hours in duration.
  • The institution or university should have enough space to fit in all the SC/ST students and provide them with training as per guidelines.
  • The students should be given all kinds of facilities with respect to education and training. It is to be noted that there should be the availability of enough people in the faculty that are well-educated and disciplined. They should be able to provide high-quality training to them.
  • There should be a program to get required feedback from the students about the training program and the scholarship scheme. This feedback is of acute importance since it will let everyone know about the student’s perception of the program.
  • The principal coordinator should arrange for the facility to take feedback after each program has ended. The curriculum of the course in this program should be updated by the institute or university departments on time.

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