Pongal Harvest Festival Date, Story, History, Celebrations

Date Year Day
15th January 2020 Wednesday
14th January 2021 Thursday
14th January 2022 Friday
15th January 2023 Sunday

Note: Dates may vary.

Pongal Festival

Pongal is a very important festival for Tamilians. It is celebrated for similar reasons as Lohri in north India-of being happy and grateful that the crops they have sown are blossoming and it will be a good harvest.

This festival is celebrated more by farmers than by the people living in cities, Pongal and Lohri both begin on 13th January of every year and whereas Lohri is celebrated only for one day, Pongal stretches over a couple of days.

Before Pongal, the homes are cleaned and those who can afford it, white-wash their homes. Rangoli is made at the entrance of the house and in courtyards. New clothes are worn on this day and close family get together for a festive meal.

A bonfire is lit but unlike in the north of India, all old and useless things in a home are burnt in the bonfire. Thus, four days are spent in celebration with family and friends. Special food is cooked and sweets prepared by the ladies of the house. Families get together and make merry.

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