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What is PNR Number?

Passenger Name Record popularly known as PNR. A 10 digit number you will get when you make a reservation like booking a train journey ticket through Indian Railway official website

Through PNR number you can check the details like passenger names, age, gender, train name, train number, coach name, birth number, arrival & departure time and date.

But mostly PNR number is used to check the status of a train ticket which has not been confirmed. Once its conform you can check all the above details we mentioned.

But if you have waiting list or RAC you should keep checking the status online by visiting IRCTC official portal or through various other online website like

PNR Status

What Do You Find Through PNR Number:

The PNR no. printed on the railway ticket is a 10 digit unique number. You can quote this PNR number to check your ticket status.

• It shows the train no, journey date, the distance and the total number of passengers on your ticket.

• It shows the arrival and departure station of your train journey along the station name up to which you make a reservation.

• It shows the confirmed status of your train ticket such as Coach Number, Berth or Seat Number, Sex Male/Female and age of the passenger.

• If you have 1st class AC ticket, the coach or seat number will not be displayed. For this you need to check the accommodation status on Reservation Chart.

• It also shows you waiting list position 2 such waiting list numbers are:

  • Running waiting list number
  • Current waiting list number

How to Check PNR Status of your Train Ticket:

There are three ways you can check the PNR status

  • Online
  • Offline
  • Phone

How to Check PNR Status Online:

  • You can easily check your rail ticket status online by visiting or other online website like (
  • Visit one of the website.
  • Enter the 10 digit PNR number (at top left corner of your ticket)
  • Then click on get status button.

How to Check PNR Status through Phone:

You can also check rail ticket status through phone by dialing 139 a computerized phone number for railways enquiry.

  • Dial 139 from your mobile.
  • Select the language.
  • Follow the instruction.
  • Then Press 1 to check your PNR status.
  • Enter your 10 digit PNR number.

Or you can also check the current PNR status via SMS:

  • IRPNR <10-Digit PNR Number> 
  • Send it to 139

Eg: IRPNR 0123456789

You can dial *139# to get the USSD facility for all the queries.

How to Check PNR Status Offline:

You can also check the status by visiting any Reservation Inquiry Counters at your nearest or any railway station. Tell them the 10 digit PNR no. to find out the current status.

Class Fields:
1A – First AC Coach
2A – Second AC Coach
3A – Third AC Coach
SL – Sleeper Coach
CC – Chair Car (AC)
2S – Second Sitting

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