7 Best Places to Spend New Year’s Eve 2022

Travel means an ever-expanding encounter with new worlds, reliving old favorites, and a huge hole in the pocket if you don’t plan ahead or aren’t well informed.

If you’re looking for a fair deal, value-for-money destinations to travel to this New Year – try these. Great shopping, adventure, and food, they have it all and can suit every individual’s varied needs and tastes.

7 Best Places to Spend New Year’s Eve 2022

Best Places to Go for New Year

1. Singapore – Best Places to Go for New Year’s Eve:

Singapore offers a complete package – right from shopping to adventure to nightlife. This country has all the charm to make it a wonderful 2022 for you – placid beaches, crafty buildings, and multicultural heritage.

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Also, you have the advantage of excellent accessibility from India. The country also celebrates its 57 years of independence in 2022. So Singapore can be a perfect travel destination this new year.

Places to Go for New Year's Eve

2. Dubai – Best Places to Go for New Year:

A shopaholic’s haven, Dubai is a favorite with almost anyone. The country thrives on luxury and shopping is a constant way of life. Desert safaris, ice parks, Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.

What more can you ask for? Dubai has to be on your wish list, come 2022. Another major attraction is the month-long Dubai Shopping Festival 2022. You don’t want to miss the best deals, lotteries, and prizes, do you?

Best Places to Go for New Years Eve

3. Portland – Best Places to Go for New Year’s Eve:

Portland, Oregon is a favorite for cheap food and free things to do. Budget-friendly but fashionably minded travelers will vouch for this place as a great New Year’s start. Portland is also home to many artists and art organizations. There is a variety of touring exhibitions held every year.

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Shopping can be fun too. Some of the very popular malls are Washington Square and Westfield Vancouver. Portland is home to 40 breweries. So there are happy hours all the way. It is also a ‘delicious destination’, so count this one in, on your wish list.

Best Places to Go for New Years Eve

4. Spain – Best Places to Go for New Year’s Eve:

If you believe in setting your spirit free, is living now, surrender to the soul of Spain. It is the place that will bring out the real you… romance, adventure, or art, you’ll discover so much just about yourself.

An ultimate healer destination, Spain will give you a taste of its best fashion labels, foods, and a spirit that knows how to love life. Whether the Tomatino festival or the beaches or the bulls on your back, Spain just allows you to be yourself.

Places to Go for New Year's Eve

5. Sweden – Best Places to Go for New Year’s Eve:

Sweden can be an exciting and value-for-money destination this New Year. However, the trick is to know where to go. That said, even a pizza or beer could cost you a ransom. An enthusiastic traveler would find his way to Gothenburg.

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Characterful neighborhoods, cheap eateries, and some great attractions are inviting. If that isn’t enough, ride on ferries or take a tram ride from the city center. If you’re typically fond of Swedish cuisine – fish, potatoes, meat, and dairy, this is as Scandinavian as it can get.

Places to Go for New Year's Eve

6. New Zealand – Best Places to Go for New Year:

If you’re game for some serious adventure, New Zealand is your calling. It’s all about exotic marvel. Face a snowstorm or fly in the wind tunnel. Watch natural hot water geysers and mud volcanoes.

Spot whales and dolphins in their natural habitat in Auckland or witness the underwater parks. Let the place capture your wits and enjoy the natural and man-made marvels.

Best Places to Visit for New Years

7. Maldives – Best Places to Go for New Year 2022:

If it’s just serenity and relaxation you’re looking for, then the Maldives is the place for you this New Year. Bask in the sun, swim, and scuba dive, and explore the underwater world.

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The Maldives is laid with colorful coral reefs at its bottom. Also a romantic destination, this could be the place you’d want to spend quiet time with your loved one.

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