National Family Benefit Scheme (NFBS) for BPL Family

The National Family Benefit Scheme (NFBS) is a social welfare program in India aimed at providing financial assistance to families living below the poverty line in the event of the primary breadwinner’s death. The scheme is implemented by the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India.

Under the NFBS, a lump sum amount of Rs.10,000 is provided as assistance to the bereaved household. The scheme is applicable to families living below the poverty line, and assistance is provided to the next of kin of the deceased breadwinner. The scheme is applicable to families living in rural areas, and in some cases, families living in urban areas as well.

To be eligible for the NFBS, the family must be living below the poverty line as per the defined criteria of the Government of India. The death of the breadwinner must be natural or accidental, and the family should not have any means of income or support after the death of the breadwinner.

The scheme aims to provide immediate relief to the family in the event of the primary breadwinner’s death and help the family cope with the financial burden that arises due to the loss of income.

The candidates who wish to apply for financial help to their family of deceased living BPL (Below Poverty Line) should submit the application to the designated officer. The candidate must mention true facts in the online application form.

NBFS Scheme

NFBS Scheme Details:

Department: Social Justice and Empowerment Department

Scheme Name: National Family Benefit Scheme (NFBS)


Application Mode: Offline

Eligibility Criteria: 

  • The applicant’s family should belong to the Below Poverty Line (BPL).
  • The death benefit scheme will be given only to those families whose head is between 18 to 60 years.
  • If the family lives in an urban area, then the total income of the whole family must not exceed INR 56,000 and the income of the applicant household in rural areas must not exceed INR 46,000.
  • In case 15 of the death of an unmarried adult, the term household would include minor brothers or sisters and dependent parents.
  • The family benefit will be paid to the household including (the spouse, minor children, unmarried daughter, and dependent parents) of the deceased person after the local inquiry done by the government official.

How to Apply for National Family Benefit  Scheme?

The application forms should be submitted to the officer appointed by the state governments. The Zila Parishad, or an equivalent organization, has been tasked with carrying out the plan at the district level. The Gram Panchayat/Municipality would put the plan into action on a local level. This request can be accessed by the concerned department and processed.

Supporting Documents:

  • Declaration
  • Death Certificate
  • Applicant Photograph
  • Signatures / Thumb impression of Applicant
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