Mrugavani National Park Hyderabad (Timings, Entry Ticket Fee, Safari, etc.)

The Mrugavani National Park stretches over an area of 3.60 sq. km (700 acres) and is one of the best destinations to enjoy nature. It is scenic beauty surrounded by birds and animals, located between the Osmansagar and Himayatsagar reservoirs, and it is situated in Chilkur, 25 km from Hyderabad.

The park is among the few national parks, despite being close to the urban landscape continues to retain its jungle charm. The Mrugavani National Park was recognized in October 1994 to promote a suitable environment for the fauna and flora to grow while protecting nature and wildlife in an undisturbed manner with minimal human involvement.

On average more than 50 camps are organized each year, including activities like hiking, bird watching, plant species identification, an interactive snake exhibition, a quiz game, a film showing, and slide shows. The ideal time to visit the park is between June to October.

mrugavani national park

About Mrugavani National Park:

Flora & Fauna:

The climate is pleasant for most parts of the year and the forest’s vegetation is a tropical dry deciduous forest of degraded nature interspersed with woodlands and grasslands, as the park’s topography has rocky exposures of the Deccan trap formation.

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The forest has over 600 plant species including herbs, shrubs, climbers, and trees like Teak, Rosewood, Sandalwood, Neem, Bamboo, etc. The fauna of Mrugavani National Park has over 20 species of mammals, reptiles, and invertebrates like the sambar, wild boar, hare, snakes, and butterflies apart from 115 species of birds.

Some of the Animals, Birds, and Trees Found Here are:

deer park in hyderabad

Animals: Mongoose Monitor Lizards, Spotted Deer, Foxes, Sambars, Black Hazelnuts, Wild Boars, Jungle Cats, Russell Vipers, Cat Civets, Pythons, King Cobras, Indian Vipers, etc.
Birds: peacocks, Warblers, Flowerpeckers, Stoning, etc.
Trees: Relay, Teak, Picus, Bamboo, Sandal, etc.

Different Species of Butterflies in the Park:

mrugavani park

Butterflies in the Park

Blue Tiger Common Jezebel Peacock Pansy Common Emigrant
Common Grass Yellow Lemon Pansy Yellow Pansy Common Nawab
Crimson Tip Plain Tiger Red Pierrot Tailed Jay
Crimson Rose Common Leopard Zebra Blue Striped Tiger
Danaid Eggfly Tawny Casta Monkey Puzzle Common Lime

Activities to do in Mrugavani National Park:

  • Birds Watching: With over 100 different species of birds, this is an ideal place for bird watchers.
  • Jungle Safari: If you’re in Mrugavani Park, you should visit the Jungle Safari for an incredible opportunity to witness wildlife up close.
  • Watch Tower: The national park’s watch tower provides a fascinating view of the entire wilderness from the top while being surrounded by a pleasing environment.
  • Education Centre & Museum: This place is dedicated to providing knowledge about wildlife, especially to the new generation.
  • Photoshoot: You can take photos at the park in several areas, such as next to the Mechanical Deer and Peacock, at cutouts of different animals, In the garden, etc.

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Park Timing:

Tue-Sun: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Monday: Closed

Ticket Price:

Entry Ticket:

  • Rs. 10/-
  • Rs. 20/-
  • Rs. 50/-

Restaurants near Mrugavani National Park:

  • Golden Leaf Restarunt
  • The Food Bunk
  • Nature’s Hub
  • Green House Family Dhaba
  • Kamadhenu Veg
  • Coffee Shop
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Resorts & Farmhouse Near Park:

  • Mrugavani Resort
  • D Lake View Resort
  • Countryside Resorts
  • Lake Berry Farmhouse
  • Meraaki Farmhouse
  • Shallal Farmhouse

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