Lohri Festival Date, Story, History, Celebrations and Rituals

Date Year Day
13th January 2020 Monday
13th January 2021 Wednesday
13th January 2022 Thursday
13th January 2023 Saturday

Note: Dates may vary.

Lohri Festival

After Diwali, Lohri is a festival looked forward to in North India and is associated with light heartedness and merry making. This is celebrated on January 13 every year. Lohri was originally celebrated by farmers in Punjab at the time when their wheat crops, after a couple of months of being sown, start shooting out and the fields look like they are covered with a carpet of gold.

The farmers feel extremely happy seeing their crops flourish because of their hard labour. Until the crops are ready to be harvested, the work of the farmers is less and they celebrate Lohri with prayers to god for his kindness in ensuring they have enough food for the year.

Lohri is celebrated by lighting a bonfire and everyone goes round it saying a prayer that “may poverty no longer exist and may they have a good harvest”. They dance and sing around the fire and offer special sweets to the fire before partaking of it themselves.

Everyone who attends the function brings a ‘thaali with all the goodies which they offer not only to the fire but to everyone present. Lohri is especially fun as it is celebrated in January, when it is winter. The warmth from the fire is very welcome.

Today Lohri is celebrated with as much fun and merry making except that in this modern age, there are a few changes made to suit present times. Lohri still holds a special meaning for daughters-in-law and babies in the family for their first Lohri.

It is an auspicious occasion and normally close family get together on this occasion to wish the bride or the new baby. Gifts are exchanged with love and affection. People dance and sing around the fire.

Families and friends normally sit around the fire with a “dholak”, a special drum which is played with both hands, and folk songs are sung while the flames from the fire dance and crackle on their own, throwing light and hope all around.

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