Small Business Idea: 1 Lakh Investment Will Earn 10 Lakh Month

Ice cream truck business have been a staple in Indian culture for decades. The iconic songs of an ice cream trolley are a familiar sound to many, and the sight of one parked on a day and midnight can bring smiles to people of all ages. However, behind the nostalgic charm of the ice cream truck lies a lucrative business opportunity. Hello friends, In this article, we’ll take a closer look and discuss the ice cream truck business idea and what it takes to start one.

Help cool your customers on hot summer days by starting an ice cream truck business today. You can even start a small business by selling treats from carts or stands then go bigger with an ice cream truck business! An ice cream van or cart is a cool, refreshingly recession-proof way to feed your revenue.

Ice Cream Trolley Business Idea


First, let’s talk about the market for ice cream. The demand for ice cream never goes out of style, and ice cream trucks have the unique advantage of being mobile. This means that you can go to where the customers are, whether that’s a crowded shopping mall, a park, or a neighborhood with lots of kids. Ice cream trucks also appeal to a wide range of customers, from young children to senior citizens. This makes it an ideal business for anyone looking to start a small business that can be operated seasonally or year-round.


Now, let’s dive into the logistics of starting an ice cream truck business. First, you’ll need a truck. You can purchase a new or used truck, or you can convert a used van or truck into an ice cream truck. You’ll need to install freezers, sinks, and other equipment necessary to serve ice cream and other frozen items. You’ll also need to obtain a permit from your local health department and comply with any regulations regarding food handling and storage.


Next, you’ll need to choose the products you want to sell. You can offer a variety of ice cream flavors, novelty items like kulfi, cones, ice cream bars, and other products. It’s important to do some market research to determine what products are popular in your area and what your competitors are selling. You’ll also need to establish relationships with suppliers and distributors to ensure that you can keep your inventory stocked.

Ice Cream Truck Business Idea


Finally, you’ll need to market your business. Social media is a great tool for promoting your ice cream truck and keeping customers informed about your location and menu offerings. You can also consider offering promotions and discounts to attract customers, such as “buy one, get one free” deals or special discounts for customers who follow you on social media.

Time For Action:

  • Once you have your truck, equipment, and inventory in place, it’s time to hit the road.
  • You’ll need to determine the best locations to park your truck, such as parks, supermarkets, playgrounds, and residential neighborhoods.
  • You can also consider attending special events like functions and festivals to reach a larger audience.
  • It’s important to have a schedule and route planned out so that you can maximize your time and profits.


The profit on ice creams can range from 50% to as high as 70%. Ice cream trucks make around 10k to 15k every day, with weekends and holidays it may go 20k with over 100,000 earned in a month, and 10 to 12 lakhs yearly.


In conclusion, the ice cream truck business can be a fun and profitable business for anyone who is passionate about ice cream and customer service. With careful planning and attention to detail, you can start your own ice cream truck business and bring joy to customers in your community.

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