Hyderabad Police Lay Down Strict Guidelines for New Year Event

As we gear up for the New Year, Hyderabad Police is laying down clear rules for New Year event organizers. The focus is on maintaining order and ensuring everyone’s safety throughout the celebrations.

New Year Celebration

Hyderabad Police Lay Down Strict Guidelines for Events:

Restrictions on Indecent Performances:

Organizers are firmly instructed to prohibit any performances involving obscenity or nudity at their events. The strict requirement is for all acts to adhere to standards of decency and appropriateness.

Control of Narcotics Sale:

Vigilant monitoring of narcotics sale during events is stressed by the police. Stringent consequences are warned for organizers who fail to prevent drug usage or sale. Special attention and surveillance in potential areas for clandestine drug activities, including parking areas, are urged.

Sound Levels and Surveillance:

To ensure a peaceful atmosphere, sound levels are to be kept below 45 decibels. Organizers must install surveillance cameras with recording capabilities for constant monitoring. Adequate security personnel are required for access control and traffic management.

Age Verification and Entry Control:

Organizers must confirm that only adults attend events meant for them. To verify attendees’ age, copies of valid identity cards are required.

Prevention of Drunk Driving:

Pubs and bars are tasked with arranging alternative transportation for intoxicated customers to prevent drunk driving incidents. The responsibility lies with the management to facilitate safe transportation for patrons unable to drive due to intoxication.

The implementation of these strict guidelines aims to foster a safe and controlled environment for New Year celebrations in Hyderabad. These measures underscore the commitment of law enforcement to uphold public safety, decency, and responsible conduct during the upcoming festivities.

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