Holiday Declared for Diwali (Deepawali) in Hyderabad

This year Diwali (Deepawali) will be celebrated on 12th November 2023 (Sunday) in all over India.

Diwali, the “Festival of Lights,” is a time when homes and streets are adorned with countless oil lamps, colorful lanterns, and vibrant decorations. It’s a time for families to come together, exchange gifts, and share delectable sweets. The air is filled with the crackling sounds of fireworks and the sweet fragrance of traditional dishes being prepared with love.

As per the Telangana State Portal Calendar for 2023, the highly anticipated Diwali holiday in the state is officially scheduled for November 12. However, it’s worth noting that this date falls on a Sunday.

Date:Day:Holiday:Celebrated In:
12th November 2023SundayDiwali (Deepwali)All Over India

While it may fall on a weekend, it provides the perfect opportunity for everyone to make the most of this vibrant and culturally significant occasion.

With the Diwali holiday thoughtfully placed on a Sunday, the people of Hyderabad can look forward to a day of joy, togetherness, and the enduring tradition of illuminating their homes and hearts with the radiance of this ‘Festival of Lights.’

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