Advantages of BPO and KPO Jobs in India

A stable yet a flourishing career are the demand of every individual these days. Students are very much cautious while choosing a career field to pursue.

The preparations to achieve a goal, starts from the very day of the graduation, where they take every step keeping in mind their inclination towards their dream destination.

Grooming or personality development classes have formed a major part of the graduation and post graduation courses. Students are taught how to behave and present themselves while taking interviews.

The anxiety and the nervousness one goes through in an interview needs to be controlled and replaced by the confidence and calmness in the minds of the candidate.

Many students start looking for Job opportunities right after passing the senior secondary education exams. This is basically with the motive to add extra cents to their pocket money.

Also, if we look at the opportunities, the number is less with the major share attracted towards the easy entry levels of BPO jobs.

Many students go for BPO Jobs after their graduation, to gain a work experience for their higher studies. This is because most foreign universities demand two or more years work experience for pursuing their masters in management courses.

Also the work culture at many BPO/ KPO s is cool and soothing, which doesn’t make the employee feel overburdened.

BPO is a short term used for Business Process Outsourcing, whereas KPO is Knowledge Process Outsourcing. The job of a BPO person mainly involves the role of a customer support executive or for selling the products and services of the concerned organization.

BPOs’ are mainly established to cater the European and the western audiences of the various multinationals in the country. With the evolution of the Indian market, many Indian companies have also opened their separate BPO divisions to cater the increasing demands of the customers.

KPO jobs were the next step towards the evolution of the BPO sector; many companies started outsourcing the process for their knowledge management divisions.

Also, keeping in mind the efficiency and qualification of the Indian servicemen, jobs like accounting, finance, cost- saving analysis, back- end operations, etc are allotted to the deserving candidates in the KPO sector.

The education system of India and the capabilities proved by Indians all over the world has enabled multinationals to invest in the country.

Today, all brands have got BPO centers in almost every state to cater its local audience. Also, these jobs help the students to gain confidence and give him the opportunity to mould him according to the market standards and requirements.

Also, the salary package offered by these companies for a starter is quite satisfactory, and plus training is provided on the job and many of the good BPOs’ have tie- ups with the managements institutes to help their employees pursue their further studies.

Job opportunities in BPO sector can be from the starting level of a customer support executive to the knowledge management officials. Various sectors, in which the job opportunities for a BPO or a KPO person are open, are:

1) Information Technology
2) Travel and Tourism
3) Telecom Industry
4) Retail Industry
5) Manufacturing Industries
6) Consumer goods
7) Hospitality sector
8) Infrastructure
9) Real Estate

Therefore, jobs in a BPO or KPO sector allows an employee to grow and enables him to develop his skills in the required field. Also, the growth in this sector is fast and the opportunities for moving to the foreign land are always bright as one has already dealt with the foreign clients and has become used to of the foreign culture and practices.

Learning a foreign language in also one of the advantages one can grab while working in this flexible industry.

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