Basant Panchami: Story, History and Date of Vasant Panchami Festival

Date Year Day
22nd January 2018 Monday
10th February 2019 Sunday
29th January 2020 Wednesday
16th February 2021 Tuesday

Note: Dates may vary

Vasant Panchami Festival

This is a festival celebrated in the North. Spring follows winter and Basant Panchami is celebrated to welcome Spring. Spring means warmer days, days laze in, beautiful fields, especially of mustard, the famous sarson’ of the North. The fields look like a carpet of yellow flowers, dancing in the warm breeze.

Basant Panchami is normally celebrated at the end of January, even though the nights are still cold, the days begin to warm up. Light woolen clothes are still worn at night and in the early morning as it is still cold. If not careful, one can fall ill during these days of changing weather.

On Basant Panchami day, as far as possible, people wear yellow clothes. Yellow symbolizes spring, the Sun, warmth, happiness. Many women also dress in yellow clothes on this day.

Children have a great time on Basant Panchami as they fly kites made in different shapes and colours. One should be careful not to fly kites from roof tops or on the streets as It can be dangerous. The best would be if children can find parks and play there.

In place of learning like schools and colleges, Basant Panchami holds a special meaning. On Basant Panchami, like on all festivals, special food is cooked. One dish which is enjoyed by every one is the sweet yellow rice. So go ahead and enjoy celebrating Basant Panchami and acquire as much learning as you can!

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