A Political Journey of Revanth Reddy: The New CM of Telangana

Revanth Reddy

Revanth Reddy, born on 8th November 1969, in Kondareddy Pally, Mahbubnagar district, Telangana, is a prominent Indian politician known for his association with the Indian National Congress (INC). He hails from a political family, and his entry into politics was influenced by a desire to serve the public.

Educational and Early Career:

Revanth Reddy holds a Bachelor’s degree in Technology, Mechanical Engineering, and started his career in politics at a relatively young age. His early involvement in student politics laid the foundation for a dedicated career in public service.

Political Career:

Revanth Reddy’s political journey gained significant momentum as he became actively involved in state-level politics, particularly in the newly formed state of Telangana. Here are some key milestones in his political career:

ZPTC Member:

Revanth Reddy started his political journey during his student days when he was a member of ABVP. Taking a bold step, he contested the local body elections in 2006 and emerged victorious, securing the position of ZPTC member from Midjil Mandal as an independent candidate.


The following year, in 2007, Revanth Reddy furthered his political career by winning the Member of Legislative Council (MLC) seat, again as an independent candidate. Subsequently, he crossed paths with N. Chandrababu Naidu, the chief of Telugu Desam Party (TDP), and decided to align himself with the party, marking a significant shift in his political affiliation.

Telugu Desam Party (TDP) Days:

Revanth Reddy initially began his political journey with the Telugu Desam Party (TDP). He served in various capacities within the party, showcasing his leadership skills.

Switch to Indian National Congress:

In 2017, Revanth Reddy joined the Indian National Congress, bringing with him his political experience and a reputation for being a dynamic and vocal leader.

Election Contests:

Revanth Reddy actively contested elections, aiming to represent the aspirations of the people. His campaigns often focused on issues related to development, welfare, and the well-being of the people.

Role in Telangana State Politics:

He played a crucial role in the state’s political landscape, advocating for the rights of the people and actively participating in legislative matters.

Controversies and Achievements:

Like many politicians, Revanth Reddy’s career has not been without its share of controversies. However, he has also been recognized for his contributions to public service and his efforts to address the needs of his constituents.

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